Journal Exercises - Common Errors During DialogueCommon Errors During Dialogue






Common Errors Made During Writing Letters

  • Blaming your spouse for your feelings
  • Bringing up the past
  • Saying “I feel that…” or “I feel that you…”
  • Not using a feeling
  • Not describing your feeling
  • Justifying/Explaining reasons for your feeling
  • Using the words “why” and “because”

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Common Errors Made in the Shared Dialogue

  • Not using prime time or prime place
  • Wrong atmosphere to begin and not entering dialogue with openness
  • Not picking a question ahead of time
  • Arguing about the question
  • Not setting writing/dialogue time
  • One is not prepared at dialogue time
  • One is not writing the entire writing time
  • Commenting during the exchange of notebooks
  • Not reading letter twice (once from the heart and once out loud)
  • Correcting errors in your spouses letter
  • Non-verbals while reading your spouses letter
  • Arguing about who starts verbal dialogue first
  • Letting interruptions occur during writing/dialogue time
  • Jumping back and forth on each others feelings during dialogue
  • Saying, “You shouldn’t feel that way” or “I didn’t mean to do or say that”
  • Judging your spouses feelings
  • Using your own response feeling to get off track
  • Not picking a question for the next dialogue time
  • Getting upset and stopping the dialogue by walking out

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*Journaling exercises written by Cort Curtis, Ph.D, used with permission.