Journaling Exercise  Insights Realizations and DiscoveriesINSIGHTS, REALIZATIONS, ACCOMPLISHMENTS, DISCOVERIES

(“What am I discovering about myself and my life”)

An act of insight involves seeing how parts of a whole “fit” together. Insight requires a “view from above” so to speak, to be able to see yourself or a situation without being entangled. It is seeing the whole instead of the parts. Insight is the ability to acknowledge what is observed and ultimately to accept the truth. As you acknowledge and accept what is true, your life becomes grounded in the real world and true change becomes possible.

In this part of the journal, it is an opportunity to acknowledge whatever insights and realizations have come to you in the course of therapy and journal work. It is especially useful to summarize discoveries from the conversation work but any realizations at anytime are appropriate. You may have also accomplished or completed something that is new or important to you. Include in this section a list of accomplishments and how you feel having completed these accomplishments. Some useful questions to respond to are:

• What am I realizing now about my life?
• What am I discovering now about my life?
• What am I noticing about my life?
• What have I recently accomplished in my life? How do I feel about having accomplished these things?

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*Journaling exercises written by Cort Curtis, Ph.D, used with permission.