Behavioral Therapy for Children

Are You Finding It Difficult To Manage Your Child’s Conduct? 

  • Do you have a child who is demonstrating problematic behaviors at home or school? 
  • Is your child acting out, defying you and other adults, or displaying signs of aggression? 
  • Or have you noticed your child developing interpersonal conflict with their peers?

If your child is displaying problematic behaviors and struggling in school, you’re likely concerned about their future. Maybe they have always been strong-willed or independently minded, but their sense of defiance has grown out of control. 

Perhaps you never know what to expect from your child’s unpredictable swings in behavior.

Behavioral Therapy for Children

In the mornings, you may be fighting to get them out of the door for school and by the time everyone is seated around the table for dinner, you may encounter even more angry outbursts. 

If this is the case, you probably miss the sense of connection and peace that characterized your home life before these behaviors appeared–ultimately feeling powerless in maintaining harmony within your family.

Behavioral Therapy for Children

Children Often Have Trouble Identifying And Understanding Their Big Feelings

There are a number of behaviors that may require the intervention of a child specialist.

Perhaps you have endured countless meltdowns, angry outbursts, hitting, and name-calling. Or maybe your child has issues with impulse control. If this is the case, it’s likely your child does not have effective skills for emotion regulation. 

Maybe your child can’t seem to get along with others or respect the adults around them. They may often talk back to teachers or refuse to follow the rules. And you may be constantly refereeing conflict between your child and their siblings, peers, or friends. 

All you want is to help your child learn how to understand and navigate their big feelings. Life would feel more manageable if your child had the tools to be aware of their emotions and understand the need for self-control.

And with behavioral therapy for children at Eddins Counseling, you and your child can learn to live in harmony again. 

Behavioral Therapy for Children

Behavioral Issues Can Point To Psychological And Developmental Concerns–Or Issues Of Neurodivergence 

Children can struggle so much with aggressive, impulsive, or dysregulated behaviors because they lack the developmental awareness to understand big feelings and how to cope with them

Moreover, parents often don’t know how to help. And there are many reasons why “traditional” parenting advice doesn’t work. 

After all, your child may not be a “traditional” child and perhaps they require the evaluation and insight of a child behavioral therapist who can diagnose what is really going on and address specific symptoms. 

Children are subject to many of the same mental health struggles that affect adults, including depression, anxiety, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

But there are also neurodivergent conditions—including Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), sensory processing disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), among other cognitive challenges—that present behavioral setbacks.  

Our clinicians are qualified to paint a clear picture of your child’s condition. And in behavioral therapy for children, you can have a better idea of what issues are affecting your child so that they can acquire the tools needed to manage and regulate their emotions. 

Behavioral Therapy for Children

Behavioral Therapy Allows Children To Better Understand Their Internal Responses

Living with a child who struggles with behavioral setbacks, you likely feel overwhelmed and under-resourced in providing them with the support and guidance they need. But therapy can give both you and your child an opportunity to clarify your needs, reinforce personal strengths, and re-establish a healthy, amicable relationship with one another.  

A therapist can help your child address specific challenges and behaviors so that they can be more successful and comfortable.

Beginning with an intake process with the parents that will allow us to understand what is happening with your child’s behavioral issues, your therapist at Eddins Counseling will get an idea of presenting problems, symptoms, and goals for treatment.

How We Approach Behavioral Therapy For Children At Eddins Counseling

While the intake session will center around your perspective as the parent, we will spend ongoing therapy sessions working directly with your child to help them develop necessary skills and coping techniques. 

Our therapists may use elements of play therapy and child therapy that work in accordance with your child’s unique brain development so that they can better understand their emotions and how their emotions affect them. 

We may also involve you directly in therapy sessions with your child using Parent-Child Interaction Therapy. This can help you learn how to respond directly to your child shaping positive behaviors and increasing your bond.

Using these evidence-based behavioral approaches, we will develop a customized treatment that will ultimately reduce problematic behaviors by:

  • Learning how to label big feelings versus acting on them
  • Increasing effective communication 
  • Developing skills for emotion regulation and impulse control
  • Building a toolkit for coping with overwhelming situations and distress

Both you and your child will learn strategies that can help to strengthen your bond and mitigate instances of emotional outburst and conflict. 

You Can Better Understand Your Child’s Behavioral Issues With The Guidance Of A Therapist

At Eddins Counseling, we believe that all child behaviors are a form of communication. Deep down, your child is trying to convey a part of themselves that needs to be nurtured or healed. 

With behavioral therapy, we can help you decipher what your child is trying to communicate while also allowing you to establish meaningful boundaries. 

Though it may feel like a sense of peace and harmony within your family is out of reach, behaviors can be changed and emotions can be managed. With behavioral therapy for children at Eddins Counseling, you can foster a whole new dynamic with your child that centers around cooperation rather than conflict. 

Maybe you’re ready to try behavioral therapy for children at our practice, but you have questions or concerns… 


  • Raising children is hard work—especially if you don’t have the knowledge or resources to fully understand what’s going on in your child’s brain.
  • Our role as clinicians is not to judge or make assumptions but rather to help you and your child develop effective coping and emotion regulation skills.
  • There are so many reasons why children struggle, and behavioral therapy can help you locate the source of your child’s distress.
  • Our clinicians have advanced child psychology and development training and use evidence-based assessments to make informed diagnoses and treatment plans.
  • We can also make referrals to other providers (including occupational therapists and curriculum specialists) to help your child receive the accommodations they need.
You are not alone in this struggle! We will help you get to the root of your child’s behavior, so you can see that the challenges they’re experiencing are not your fault.
  • You’ve probably tried everything you can—including being patient and not intervening—to reduce your child’s disruptive or combative behaviors.
  • And perhaps you can see that waiting for the problem to fix itself has not worked.
  • Though your child is likely to grow in their development and gain some skills on their own, behavioral issues often evolve into patterns over time.
  • Without therapeutic intervention, certain reactions are likely to become automatic when your child feels triggered, indicating that their behaviors have become deeply entrenched and thus nearly impossible to manage on their own.
  • A typical course of behavioral treatment for children lasts about six to twelve months.
  • Children learn how to develop new skills in behavioral therapy, and are given an opportunity to practice them until new patterns can be established.
  • This kind of work takes time, but it will benefit you and your child for life!

Behavioral therapy teaches children essential skills that they can take with them for life, ultimately breaking those behavioral patterns that have caused problems at home or school.

A Renewed Sense Of Peace And Togetherness With Your Child Is Possible

If you’re a parent who struggles to mitigate conflict, defiance, and aggression in your child/children, behavioral therapy at Eddins Counseling can give you and your family the skills you need to cope and create harmony. To learn more about how we can help or to schedule an appointment with one of our child behavioral therapists, please contact us.