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Charisse Ferrer teen therapist

Life can be a tumultuous journey. At times, we may feel congested and powerless with so many things competing for our attention. We are often bombarded with an endless stream of feelings and sensations that can result in our minds feeling cluttered. There may be days when we feel angry, sad or scared. It can feel like a dizzying surge that knocks us down. There may even be days when we don’t feel like ourselves – like we’ve lost our identity.

Our relationships with our partners may also leave us feeling inadequate, undeserving and unloved. We start to lose hope in something that we’ve largely invested most of our time and effort. We may have even sacrificed our well being to ensure that our significant other is getting what they need, and as a result, we feel rejection when the sacrifice is not appreciated or reciprocated. More negative thoughts come in, and we start to think “Do I even love or care about this person anymore?” Over time, it can turn into resentment and contempt.

With adolescents, negative self-talk may start to form or it may have already started at a very young age. Growing up is difficult. There are so many changes that adolescents go through that it can be tough to navigate through life. The negative messages can come from multiple sources – home, school, peers and the media. We often fail to realize that it can create rivalry and a deterioration of self-worth. When distress is experienced at a young age, it can impact our abilities to bounce back from a challenging situation.

We all come from different backgrounds, and many of us have suffered through hardships. While there is conflict and criticism within us, there is also a part of us that wants to seek harmony and acceptance. When we find it overwhelming to go through life’s struggles, a therapist can guide us when we feel like we’ve lost hope or motivation.

When we meet I will ensure a safe, trusting and non-judgmental environment where we can work together to build and achieve your personal goals. I work with individuals, couples and adolescents and employ a variety of evidence-based and clinical techniques that include dialectical behavior therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, art therapy and motivational interviewing. However, my main concern in therapy is that you feel SAFE and you feel HEARD.

Charisse is a Licensed Professional Counselor approved by the State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors to practice psychotherapy in Texas. She holds a Master’s degree in Counseling from the University of Houston and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology from Baylor University. Her experience includes working in a psychiatric inpatient and outpatient hospital as well as working in cancer-related research studies that include smoking cessation counseling and the effect of stress on breast cancer survivors and their spouses. In addition, she has also received training in administering the Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview (MINI) for the use in identifying characteristics of clinical disorders and the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) for exploring relationship and attachment styles in couples.

What Clients Are Saying: 

**The data below was obtained by anonymous client surveys and is reprinted exactly as stated with client permission. Detailed identifying information has been omitted to protect client confidentiality.*

“I have increased my self-esteem and confidence and am feeling much stronger than before. Completing interactive activities with Charisse during the session was very positive. I had a great experience.”

“Charisse helped our child learn skills needed to handle conflicts. We liked that our child was comforted in their approach to wellness.”

“Charisse helped me work through communication issues with my husband. She helped me to see things different, recognize emotions and try to solve a problems instead of avoiding them.”

“Going through a troubled and difficult time where nothing ever made sense, Eddins Counseling has a great structured way in assisting personal needs. I personally worked with Charisse and could not be more satisfied with my personal outcomes after a few sessions.”

“We had an excellent marriage counseling experience with Charisse. We discovered the root of our issues and emotions that manifested from them. We learned tools to help us escape an argument cycle. Charisse was great!” 

“Charisse was an incredibly valuable asset for my life at a time when I needed some guidance. I never thought I needed counseling, but the tools I discovered will last a lifetime. It has helped my personal growth and growth in my relationship. I highly recommend scheduling time with Charisse.”

“Charisse helped my daughter and I communicate better with each other. My daughter worked with Charisse individually, felt very comfortable and opened up with her and I definitely see progress.”

with Houston therapist, Charisse Ferrer.