Licensed Therapist in Houston Houston’s Integrative Adult and Adolescent Therapist

Are you truly, living your best life? Are you ready to live your best life? Do you find yourself questioning your worthiness to receive the best your life has to offer? How many times have you self-sabotaged when presented with some of the best opportunities thus far in your life. Meet Crystal, she has been there, survived that and living her best life as an accomplished mother of twins, life partner to an amazing artist, caregiver and guardian of her beloved father, student of nature, licensed social worker and psychotherapist of 11 years.

Question no more, you have found your vault, your confidant, your cheerleader, your accountability partner, YOUR therapist, you desire, and need. Crystal specializes in grief counseling, women issues on continuum (female pre-adolescents, millennial women, and elder women), life transitions, relationship issues, emotional intelligence/character development, chronic illness, shame, depression, spiritual issues, addiction, family mediation/parenting/caregiving issues, boundary development, and domestic violence/victims of violent crimes. Crystal is a LGBTQI Ally. She extends an invitation to join her in a safe space to purge thoughts, explore your resilience, define your values and protect your boundaries.

Crystal’s approach to therapy is holistic and communal, using a strength based, solution-focused, eclectic style, to say it best, integrative. Crystal assist her clients in identifying and creating their village/support system, empowering her client’s with tools to transform and reclaim one’s personal power through the use of cognitive behavioral therapy, gestalt therapy, dialectical behavioral skills and mind-body- wellness techniques. Sessions, homework, and skills learned with Crystal can be as conservative, experimental or indigenous as she sees fit within an evidenced based context, understanding the client is fully vested in treatment and trusting of therapist recommendations.

When Crystal is not at Eddins Counseling Group she is providing psycho-social support, crisis intervention, group and individual counseling in the Bellaire area.

Let our journey begin, bit by bit.

What Clients Are Saying

 “Crystal has a multi-disciplinary type of therapy. There is always something to work on after each session, and that really helps. I feel like the approach is more personalized and tailored to each individual. I really appreciate that about her.”

with Houston Therapist, Crystal Walter.

Crystal is a graduate of The University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work. Crystal is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Texas. A graduate and AGIFT Fellow of the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work. She has worked in psychiatric hospitals, inpatient hospitals, long term acute care hospitals, outpatient clinics, residential substance abuse facilities in the Houston Medical Center. Crystal is also a world traveler who enjoys learning and experiencing international popular and indigenous culture that can enhance her practice as a psychotherapist.