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Depression Counseling

I wrote the following letter on the anniversary of a good friend’s death. She struggled with depression for several years and sadly, never got the help she so desperately needed. Her battle inspired me to earn my master’s degree and pursue counseling as a full-time career, one to which I am incredibly dedicated. Now that I am a trained clinician, I realize how important it is to seek help and how dangerous it can be to leave depression untreated. So in honor of my friend’s memory, I’m sharing this letter with you.





You have been one of the few constants in my life for nearly 15 years now. You have lasted longer than my hairstyles, my apartments, my jobs, my boyfriends, and even some of my friendships. In some cases, you are the reason I’ve lost those friendships or jobs. Like an ill-mannered house guest, you often show up unexpectedly and always overstay your welcome.


Throughout our relationship, I have learned that you are a persuasive, pathological liar. You make me feel worthless, even though I am not. You make me believe that no one cares about me, when I know this is not true. You trick me into thinking that others will be better off without me, which couldn’t be further from the truth. You lure me into the fog, clouding my judgment and robbing me of my energy. I’m left without a shred of hope, unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Merely getting out of bed and getting dressed becomes a struggle, and the obligations and responsibilities of everyday life exhaust me. Everything is harder for me with you by my side. In turn, my health, my career, my social life, and my relationships are severely jeopardized. You are a crippling burden that can be difficult to bear.

Sometimes, I feel as if you are pulling me down into a dark well. Your strength overpowers me, and I can’t claw my way out of the darkness. Other times, I feel like I’m running a marathon, dragging a hefty ball and chain behind me, while the rest of the runners are sprinting ahead, unfettered. While they are light on their feet, encouraged and energized by the cheering crowd, I am left behind. I’m too weary to run, my self-doubt deafens the shouts of the on-lookers, and I quickly lose sight of the finish line. I simply don’t care to run the race anymore thanks to you, Depression.


Mercifully, your unwanted visits eventually do come to an end, and I’m given a much-needed reprieve. During these breaks from you, once the fog has lifted, I realize just how much damage you have caused. I hate that you can have so much influence over me, and I’m mad at myself for believing your lies. You are incredibly convincing though. I have to remind myself that you are a trickster – much like I have to tell myself that horror movies are “just make believe.” While your existence is not fictional, your lies are. That’s why I have to devote time and effort towards keeping you out of my life. This is a fight worth fighting. I am worth fighting for, as is my well-being and peace of mind.


So, I will work with my therapist, I will exercise and eat well, and I will reach out to my friends and family. I wish I could surgically remove you, like the malignant tumor that you are on my soul, to get rid of you forever. Sadly, I know that is not realistic. However, when you do come around again, I will not make your stay a pleasant one. I won’t pick you up from the airport; I won’t put out the good towels for you; I won’t stock the fridge with your favorite soda, and I won’t cook you breakfast. Take a hint, Depression: you are not welcome here.





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