Why Your Emotional Health is so Important and How You Can Improve It

Why Your Emotional Health is so Important and How You Can Improve It Houston TXEmotional health seems to come as an afterthought to a lot of people. Magazines line the racks near the grocery store checkout line with titles such as “Bigger Biceps in 30 Days!” or “Lose the Beer Belly with This Simple Trick!” But you don’t see a lot of titles about improving your mental and emotional health. A few, maybe, but certainly not nearly as many as the physical health titles.

It’s not hard to see why this is, though. If your body is fit, the world can see it. However, if your mind is “fit,” then only you and those close to you will know, or so the thought goes. But poor emotional health can affect you physically, too.

Some physical signs that your emotional health is not in order:

· Pain in your chest

· Eating too much or not enough, leading to weight gain or weight loss

· Feeling that you are always tired

· Headaches

· Insomnia

· Issues performing sexually

· Sweating profusely

· High blood pressure

The symptoms listed above are just some of the physical signs. There is a connection between the mental and the physical. If you only focus on one or the other, then you might as well not focus on either.

How to Improve Your Emotional Health

So how can you improve your emotional health for an overall healthier lifestyle? There are several steps that you can take.

First of all, maintain good physical health. Just because we recognize that emotional health is often overlooked (with the majority of focus on physical health) doesn’t mean that physical health isn’t important, too. Remember, the two sides affect each other.

One big thing you can do is to remain open and express your feelings to your loved ones, especially feelings of anxiety and stress. It’s hard for your loved ones to figure out what’s going on inside of you unless you tell them. When they offer support, accept it. Trying to keep these feelings bottled up within you will only bring your emotional health down, until you can’t hold it in anymore.

When your feelings do force themselves out, it may come at a time or situation where it causes more problems in your life. If your loved ones aren’t able to help you deal with your feelings sufficiently, then set up an appointment with a therapist. When you don’t feel right physically, you would go to a doctor with no hesitation. Going to see a therapist is no different. You are simply practicing reasonable self-care to protect your health.

Another step that will help is to make sure that you keep your brain active, in order to feel like you are fully living your life. Work on a hobby, read a book –just don’t let yourself remain complacent. Like sitting around doing nothing will harm your physical health, leaving your brain to sit around bored will do the same to your mental and emotional health.

Get good sleep. This suggestion shows up in a lot of places, and for a good reason. It

Why Your Emotional Health is so Important and How You Can Improve It Houston TX2

Physically, mentally, emotionally, sleep affects everything.

really doesn’t get much more important than getting good sleep. Physically, mentally, emotionally, sleep affects everything.

Learn to manage your time. If you’re always finding yourself behind on things, and not on top of your schedule, you’ll just introduce more stress into your lifem. Give yourself plenty of time to get done what you need to get done, while leaving time for yourself. Try to schedule just enough so that you feel like you’ve accomplished what’s needed, but not so much that you’re left with a long list of things that you didn’t get done.

Connect with others. This is probably the most important of all. When you stay in isolation, you are more likely to experience shame and negative thinking. The more you connect with others, the more you experience the psychological benefits of bonding and the more you realize that you are okay! You belong and you’re not alone. Connection is a crucial need similar to air and water.

Therapy for Improved Emotional Health

Therapy may be needed at times when you are experiencing a high amount of stress, symptoms of anxiety or depression, or going through a a major crisis or trauma. However, therapy can also be very helpful when you aren’t going through anything serious. In fact, this is a time when you can deepen your connection with yourself and practice skills to have available when things do get difficult. We all experience difficult emotions such as shame, have basic fears such as fear of rejection, and want something meaningful in our lives, regardless of how we define that for ourselves. Therapy can help you get clear on  your own triggers and help you build new skills. It can help you pursue your goals and improve your overall well-being.

Therapy is about having the courage to claim your life, to grow and challenge yourself to be the person you were meant to be. Contact us in Houston to schedule an appointment at 832-559-2622 or schedule an appointment online. to find out how we can help and who or what service might be the best fit for you.

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Rachel Eddins, M.Ed., LPC-S, CGP
Rachel’s passion is to help people discover their personal gifts and strengths to achieve self-acceptance, create a healthy relationship with food, mind and body, and find meaning and fulfillment in work and life roles. She helps people create nurturance and healing from within to restore balance and enoughness and overcome binge eating, emotional eating, anxiety, depression and lack of career fulfillment.

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