Individual, Couples & Family Counselor

Licensed Master Social Worker, Under the Clinical Supervision of Chris Grimes, LCSW-S

Life…it can be overwhelming, from relationships to parenting to coping with aging parents. Do you find yourself feeling stuck and not quite sure how to cope with your current situation, unable to make decisions or how to implement change in your life? Do you feel like no one fully understands what it’s like to walk in your shoes? Are you finding yourself frustrated with those around you and their inability to meet your needs or take no for an answer or feeling guilty or selfish when you do ask for what you need? Do your doubts about your self-worth and value complicate your ability to live life to its fullest? Are you grieving the loss of someone you love, either because of death or a painful break-up or divorce? If these thoughts and concerns resonate with you, I can help. I would love to hear your story.

As a therapist, I consider it a privilege to sit in a space with you, providing empathy, compassion, and hope, while at the same time knowing your story is unique to you. Together we can forge a path that will allow you to live your life with authenticity, passion and value. I have encountered some of these same concerns on my own life’s journey: grief and loss through divorce, co-parenting, career change, the empty nest, the sandwich generation, and learning to live according to my values and true self. Discovering my inherent worth has empowered me to be the best version of myself. I believe in the resilience of the human spirit and the potential to live out our hopes, dreams, and goals.

Couples & Family Therapy

My passion is to help individuals, couples, and families live their true selves, growing in acceptance and understanding of each other and those around them. As a couple’s counselor, I can help you rebuild your relationship, create new tools for communication and eliminate barriers that prevent each of you from having the partnership you desire. In couples therapy, I implement the Gottman Method and emotionally focused therapy (EFT). Together we can also navigate the difficult decisions associated with separation and divorce. As a family therapist, let’s work together to effectively parent and/or co-parent your children and at the same time allowing you to gain insight and understanding of each individual’s unique design, appreciating the differences and challenges within the family system.

Individual Therapy

As your individual therapist, we will tackle anxiety, depression, eating disorders, body image, perfectionism, career changes, relational difficulties, and spirituality. We will explore self-compassion and resilience and gain hope for the future, combatting shame that can come from divorce or failed relationships or grieving the losses that each of us is subject to as part of the human condition. I am also passionate about the concerns and life transitions we face as women: divorce, career moves, workplace discrimination, the empty nest, menopause, and the dual role of parenting our children and parenting our parents. Therapy is a great place to begin to restore hope, healing, and joy.

What Clients Are Saying: 

I had a great experience working with Greta Bellinger. She has a real gift for understanding intimate relationships and helping them to heal and develop into something amazing.

Greta was great. We like her a lot. Our session was very productive and made a huge difference.

I am very pleased. Greta is very understanding, and perfect for me. I am very comfortable with her because she is so easy to talk to. Greta always remembers our conversations and is on spot with what I need. After the 2nd session, I was hooked.

Greta’s ability to earn our trust was second to none. She was able to establish herself as caring and warm. Her ability to listen and be flexible is amazing. She was also very responsive and available when we needed her the most.

Greta is very empathetic and easy to talk to. We were a little hesitant to go through couples counseling in the beginning, but Greta has made it a breeze, and we always looked forward to meeting with her. We have gained more self-awareness and a happier marriage.

We love Greta. My wife and I have been progressing really well with her help. I’d give her 10s across the board.

Great experience, I feel super comfortable talking to Greta. She truly is amazing.

More About Greta

In my free time, you will find me enjoying time outdoors either walking, hiking, swimming, or gardening. I find connecting with the earth restores my soul. If I am not taking in the fresh air, you can find me curled up somewhere with a good book, having meaningful conversations with friends or tapping into my inner foodie by either cooking or exploring Houston’s great food options.

Greta Bellinger Couples and Family CounselorSeeking and asking for help can be intimidating. I believe you have the courage to begin this journey toward a meaningful life. If you are ready to take this leap, I can help. I invite you to call me at 832-559-2622 or send an email to for additional information about my practice.

with Houston Therapist, Greta Bellinger, LMSW

Greta is a Licensed Master Social Worker, license #63980. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Communication from the University of Texas at Austin. She received her Master of Social Work degree with a specialization in behavioral health from the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work. Greta is under the clinical supervision of Chris Grimes, LCSW-S.