Self Renewal Wellness Retreat

Ready to explore your innermost needs and nurture yourself? Recuperate from life’s busy demands by focusing on you. 

Join us in this one-day wellness retreat designed to help you reconnect with your innermost self and prepare for what is next in your life.

During this nurturing one-day wellness retreat you will:

      • Gain clarity and focus on restoring purpose and meaning in your life
      • Learn practical self-renewal exercises and tools to support you in daily life and in accessing your “wise self”
      • Participate in gentle, conscious movement to connect with your physical needs
      • Access the power of self-care and understand why it’s essential to sustainability in the years to come
      • Enjoy guided and small group exercises as well as time alone for creative exploration
      • Experience support and validation from other like-minded women -at similar life stages- in a confidential setting

When: Saturday, TBD 9:30am – 3:30pm

What: Lunch will be provided. Dress in comfortable clothing for gentle movement.