Do You Feel Like No One Understands Your Experience?

Do you want to find a sense of belonging, both out in the world and within yourself?

Multicultural Counseling and Identity Therapy

What Is Identity Therapy?

At Eddins Counseling Group, we have a team of experienced counselors who are sensitive to a wide range of culture and identity related issues. We offer personalized support for anyone who feels as though they don’t belong.

In conjunction with treatment for anxiety, depression, trauma or other mental health issues, identity therapy includes:

Whether invisible or visible, a disability can shape how you move through each day and how you see yourself. You might want people to understand how your disability impacts your life without erasing everything else that makes you, you. Or, if you have been recently injured or diagnosed, you might feel as though your very identity has changed. Regardless of your specific situation, our counselors can help you improve your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

LGBTQ+ Friendly Therapists

Our LGBTQ+ and LGBT friendly therapists offer accepting, validating support, whether you are struggling with something specifically related to your LGBTQ+ identity or not. For example, we can help you explore your sexual orientation and/or gender identity, navigate the process of coming out, address bias in your family or workplace, clarify plans for starting your own family and find relief from internalized shame. In sessions, you don’t have to hide or defend who you are. We offer counseling for LGBTQ+ individuals, couples and families.

While women aren’t the only ones who struggle with issues related to parenting, career satisfaction, body image and more, navigating life as a woman often means facing unique challenges. And, women often receive a great deal of conflicting advice about the right way to “be a woman,” which can make it difficult to know what you really want out of life. Whether you are facing an empty nest, motherhood “guilt”, bias in the workplace, issues related to women’s health (including menopause and postpartum depression) or anything else, we can help.

Many women fear that their very identity as a woman relies on their ability to become a mother. But, in truth, infertility doesn’t define your womanhood, and there are many ways to be a mother. Men also struggle with infertility, whether they are dealing with their own infertility or wondering how to best support their partners through treatments and procedures. Our therapists can help you (and your partner) cope with difficult emotions and create an actionable plan for your next steps. 

Adoption Support and Identity Therapy

  • Adoption Support

Adoption can bring up identity questions for the whole family. Whether you’re a parent adjusting to your new role, unsure of how to discuss adoption with your child, or seeking support for an adopted child, you might feel overwhelmed and uncertain. And, if you’re considering adopting, you may have countless questions about the decisions ahead. No matter where you are, the therapists at Eddins Counseling Group can help you take care of yourself and your family.

Multicultural counseling includes support for anyone struggling with issues related to race, religion, ethnicity, nationality and/or culture. When faced with discrimination, marginalization, intergenerational trauma and cross-cultural misunderstandings—whether with your partner or your parents—it can be difficult to believe that anyone understands. Our therapists are here to listen to and honor your individual experience, no matter how tangled it may feel to you. You can create harmony between those forces shaping your history, the struggles in your present and your goals for the future. 

  • Support for ImmigrantsImmigrant Support

If you are struggling to adapt after entering the United States, you might feel like an outsider no matter where you go. You might also want practical help with issues like workplace discrimination. We understand the relationship between immigration and mental health, and we can help you adjust to this new country without sacrificing your core values or cultural identity. Our team includes counselors who are fluent in Spanish and Arabic.

  • Mental Health and Identity Counseling

Sometimes, the relationship between identity and mental health can be complicated. You might be struggling with worry and sadness related to the marginalization or internal conflict stemming from your identity.

Or, you might feel as though your identity has been shaken by a mental health disorder, such as depression, OCD, PTSD, addiction or an eating disorder. Sometimes, you might not know where your symptoms end and your true self begins. If you started struggling with symptoms at a young age, you may feel defined by it, like you never had the chance to develop an identity beyond the disorder.

Identity crisis therapy can help. You can develop the insights and tools you need to alleviate mental health symptoms and develop a cohesive identity, regardless of any diagnosis.

Therapy Can Help You Find Peace With Your Authentic Self

At Eddins Counseling Group, we specifically select and train counselors who are sensitive to cultural differences and accepting of diverse experiences. In sessions, your therapist will not force you to fit a particular mold. Instead, you can find the compassionate guidance you need to reconcile inner conflict, develop resilience and live life on your terms.

Through identity therapy, you can let go of any preconceived notions of who or how you “should” be. Sessions are a space for you to find and listen to your inner voice, so you can make choices that serve your true values and goals. As you gain a sense of self-compassion and inner balance, you can also learn how to navigate any challenges related to living as your authentic self.

You are the only person who gets to decide who you are and who you want to become. As you cultivate a stronger sense of self, you can feel empowered to find your place in the world. You can discover where you belong, just as you are.

Struggling with identity issues—or an identity crisis—can be a deeply painful and lonely experience. But, it is possible to feel seen and understood. It’s possible to talk to someone who can honor and uplift your authentic self.

Find Individualized Support

No matter who you are, you’re welcome here. We invite you to call Eddins Counseling Group at 832-559-2622 or send us an email for more information about our practice in Houston, TX. And, please ask about working with therapists who are fluent in Arabic and Spanish.