Katie Osgood, Graduate Practicum Student

Do thoughts of food consume you? Are you tired of being controlled by fear and comparison? Are you constantly wondering what is wrong with you each time a new diet fails and promising yourself you will start over again every Monday to no avail?

If the answer is yes, then I’d like you to think about something…maybe there is nothing wrong with you, maybe there is something wrong with the diet.

“Failing” at a diet does not mean you are inherently weak, unmotivated, and/or lazy. It is not a reflection of your worth as a person, nor is the size and shape of your body. Mainstream media makes us believe there is one ideal body type and anyone who looks different must restrict, sacrifice, and struggle to obtain it even at the expense of their physical and mental health.

Having been a competitive cheerleader for over twelve years and a college cheerleader, I have seen a number of teammates and close friends struggle with body image and/or eating disorders, myself included. I know how discouraging, endless, and shameful that battle can seem, but there is hope!

You are capable of no longer living a life confined and defined by weight, food, and fear and I would like to help you get there.

Along with helping individuals find freedom in their food journey, I also enjoy working with adolescents and adults with a variety of challenges including stress, anxiety, and depression.

Katie Osgood, Practicum Student

What Clients Are Saying: 

Absolutely life-changing! Katie is amazing and I’m so happy to be working with her! I’ve told all my friends about her!

with Katie Osgood, Graduate Practicum Student Supervised by Ametis Bassir, LPC-S License #76302


More About Me:

I am currently in the University of Houston Clear Lake’s clinical mental health counseling masters program and am a counselor in training under the supervision of Ametis Bassir, LPC. I received my BA in Psychology at Baylor University.

When I am not working with clients or attending classes, I enjoy lifting weights, reading dystopian novels, and finding new music. On the weekends, I can most likely be found watching college football and playing with my corgi, Ziggy.