Individual, Child, Adolescent, Trauma and EMDR Specialist

Licensed Master Social Worker, under the clinical supervision of Vanessa Guidry, LCSWS

Maggie Burkett Trauma, EMDR and Child TherapistChildhood can be a wonderful and exciting time in a person’s life. Ideally, we are given the encouragement to grow and explore in a safe and loving environment. However, sometimes the challenges that we face as children can test us beyond what we can cope with comfortably, leading to symptoms of trauma that we may struggle with for years.

Play Therapist for Young Children

For children 9 years old and younger, play therapy can be a marvelous way to process traumatic events and build confidence and coping skills. Through play therapy, children express themselves in a way that is developmentally appropriate. They learn to work through their difficulties and build trust in their abilities in a supportive environment. Play therapy is an evidence-based treatment modality that has helped hundreds of thousands of children “prevent or resolve psychosocial difficulties and achieve optimal growth and development”, according to the Association for Play Therapy.

Trauma Therapy for Children, Adolescents, and Adults

For adolescents and adults who have experienced trauma, whether, in childhood or later, it can often feel as if one is carrying a heavy burden. Trauma survivors may believe that things will never get better. They may experience symptoms of depression or anxiety or may struggle with substance use or eating disorders. For these individuals, it may feel as though they will never be able to get through what happened. They may feel irreparably broken.

EMDR Specialist

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, or EMDR Therapy, can be a wonderful treatment option for trauma survivors. Through EMDR, a person can reprocess memories of traumatic events and harness the brain’s natural ability to heal. EMDR is an evidence-based, highly researched modality and can often be completed in fewer sessions than traditional talk therapy.

After completing EMDR therapy with a licensed clinician, trauma survivors often find they are able to leave their trauma behind and live content, peaceful lives.

Maggie Burkett is a Licensed Master Social Worker licensed through the State Board of Licensing in Texas. She holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Houston and a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from the University of Texas at Austin. She is a Trauma Education Fellow and a Global Leaders of Behavioral Health Education Fellow. Her internships were working with trafficking and sexual abuse survivors and she now works with survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

Prior to earning her Master’s Degree, Maggie was a dual-language first-grade teacher, wherein she first became interested in how trauma impacts behavioral health. Maggie speaks fluent Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

Her therapy style is warm, attuned, anti-oppressive, and trauma-informed. She believes that the quality of the therapeutic relationship is paramount and strives to uphold a safe, nurturing environment for her clients.

with Houston therapist, Maggie Burkett, LMSW.

Maggie is a licensed master social worker, license #69601, under the clinical supervision of Vanessa Guidry, LCSW-S.