Men's Anger Management GroupLearn Powerful Techniques for Managing Anger and Saving Relationships

Do those close to you walk on eggshells around you?  Do you sometimes say something when you are feeling angry that you later wish you could take back?  Have people you trusted often let you down, leaving you feeling angry or betrayed?  Has your anger caused you problems and you want help changing it?

You are not alone. Anger is something that everyone experiences, but venting and expressing anger can become a habit with destructive consequences. Job loss, divorce, high blood pressure, and simply feeling stressed out are examples. 

If this is you, know that things can be different.

Some benefits of our anger management classes are:

  • Improved communication skills
  • Strengthened relationships
  • Learning techniques that will help you stop raging
  • Ability to reduce angry outbursts

Outcomes you might not expect include:

  • Increased confidence
  • Increased feelings of relaxation
  • Deeper feelings of connection Hope for controlling your anger
  • Increased respect at work; greater opportunities
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved physical health
  • Getting your true needs met

In this men’s only group, we will explore anger and present step-by-step methods to make positive changes. You will learn how to manage anger in healthier ways and how to improve interpersonal relationships by gaining skills to successfully resolve conflict.

Take the first step and join today to start your journey towards learning ways to end the destructive behavior, heal the hurts, and startliving the life you and your loved ones want and deserve. There is hope.

Men’s Anger Management Group Details:

Time & Start Date: TBD

Location: 1501 Crocker Street, Houston, TX 77019

Cost: The fee is payable in monthly increments of $260.

*Prior to starting the group, we ask that you set up an initial assessment to review your goals and current concerns as well as what will be covered in the group, to make sure it is the right fit for you.

Contact us at 832-559-2622 for more information.