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New York has become one of the most popular tourist attractions on the planet, with landmarks such as Times Square attracting millions of visitors a year. Many popular movies and TV Shows have also prominently featured the 5 boroughs, contributing to the idea that New York is where dreams are made.


But just like any other area of the world or any other state in the country, the citizens of New York face their own struggles. Anxiety, depression, trauma and even relationship issues are all significant mental health concerns, and if you are someone dealing with them, you should consider turning to online therapy.


We at the Eddins Counseling Group want to empower individuals and couples in New York to take control of their mental health and find the help they need to improve their lives. With telehealth options, we can now offer mental health services online, and we hope those of you struggling will consider allowing us to assist you.

Online Counseling May Be the Solution You’ve Been Looking For

Traditional face-to-face counseling has been the standard for mental health services for a long-time. But different people will fare better in different environments, and with concerns regarding scheduling, travel, and general anxiety, offering a telehealth option for mental health care is an important part of our mission.


At Eddins Counseling Group, our therapists are compassionate and connect with you during an online session through a secure video chat that ensures your privacy and comfort are emphasized more than anything. 


You can remain in your home and even in your bed while connecting with a professional who has the experience needed to guide you through your current concerns. You are not alone with your issues, and help is available if you desire it. 


While some people may prefer their in-person meetings, we hope that online counseling can fill the gap for those who want it.

Benefits of Online Therapy in New York

If you’re still considering making an appointment for an online counseling session, then you should recognize a few of the clear benefits of this system:

  • Save money on travel costs
  • Remain in the comfort and privacy of your chosen environment
  • More flexible scheduling is possible


The COVID-19 pandemic made a lot of industries consider how they can better serve customers, and with remote work on the rise, so are telehealth options. With online therapy, more people should have access to the vital mental health services they need to help face their challenges.

Online Counseling for Couples in New York

One of our specialties is couples counseling for those experiencing relationship issues, or even just those couples who want a new opportunity to better understand each other and progress with their relationship.


Individual counseling is important and making sure that you are taken care of takes priority above all else. However, sometimes our issues arise from the context of a particular relationship. If this is the case for you, then it is a good time to turn to couples counseling.


COVID-19 and quarantine lockdowns caused a lot of couples to have to spend more time with each other, and new concerns came to light that weren’t as present before. This isn’t a reason to feel ashamed, but to get back on track, it is best to seek the help of a certified and understanding therapist.

Online Therapy for Anxiety in New York

With the current concerns about inflation, the economy, and even climate, anxiety is a very understandable response to all these issues. Managing this anxiety on your own shouldn’t be your goal, however, and if you have a chance, you should look into online counseling for anxiety.


Some people who experience anxiety can have a difficult time visiting their therapist because of concerns about traveling or meeting someone new in a new environment. With the help of telehealth, you can enjoy the privacy and comfort of your own home, with a therapy visit that is managed within a secure video chat.


For those of you experiencing anxiety, we hope these measures can provide a sense of solace for you and make that step towards receiving therapy just a bit easier to handle.

Online Counseling for Depression in New York

Depression has become an increasingly common mental health concern, but even so, many people don’t recognize or accept that they are dealing with it. Depression can look different for different people, and you may feel that you are not struggling all the time, so you don’t have to worry too much. 


But if worrisome thoughts and difficulty managing your happiness are becoming more common and a consistent issue for you, then you should consider online counseling services for depression.


Depression is not something that will easily dispel on its own, and if left unchecked can become overwhelming before you know it. Identifying your struggles and accepting your need for help is an important step in finally facing this tough issue head-on. 


Telehealth services for depression are incredibly useful for how they can accommodate all schedules for all lifestyles. 


So, if you are struggling and can’t find a way out of your house or even out of your bed, you can still have an opportunity to find a shoulder to lean on with online counseling.

Is Online Therapy Effective?

Some people might be skeptical about how useful online therapy really is, but when it comes to mental health concerns, telehealth offers a great advantage that can’t often be matched with physical health.


If you have physical trauma and need medical assistance, telehealth will not be the right option for you, as treatment will involve physical procedures that need in-person attention. 


When it comes to mental health, however, and assessing and healing this trauma, therapy can be just as viable through online means as it is in person. 


Some people value face-to-face and in-person reactions, but many people also deal with concerns like anxiety when considering leaving their home and making appointments with a new individual.


With online therapy, you can set your boundaries and maintain comfort in your chosen environment, which can go a long way to making you more receptive to the counseling session.

Begin Online Therapy in New York with Eddins Counseling Group

To begin your online therapy journey, you can turn to us at Eddins Counseling Group to find therapists in New York. 


Our certified and experienced counselors can help individuals and couples address many of the concerns that are currently weighing on their lives and help them find the solutions they need to take control of their mental health.


You can visit our page to learn more about the therapists we offer and see the range of our services and specialties. We are incredibly passionate about helping individuals and couples find help with relationship issues, anxiety, depression, and trauma. 


If you are currently struggling with any of these concerns, we want to extend this offer to book an appointment for our online therapy services. We hope through this collaboration, we can organize a comforting session that can help you on your way to restoring your mental health.

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