Set the Foundation for a Long-Term Relationship Bond

Are you in a committed relationship and wondering:

  • What tools does my relationship need for the long-haul?
  • How do we communicate better?
  • Where do our priorities differ, how do we get them to sync?
  • How do I bring up and deal with former intimacy issues?
  • How does my faith fit into our relationship now and long term?
  • When do we figure out our plans for children?
  • How do we handle stress or conflict?
  • What should we do about our finances?

Through our couples / premarital workshop, we provide research based tools to help couples build closeness, friendship and trust.

Skills discussed encourage couples to develop communication methods, emotional skills and situational tools that support growth and lead to strong, long term relationships/marriages. Regardless of the length or status of your relationship, premarital counseling may be the starting point for a satisfying, long term and healthy partnership.

We encourage you to try our Premarital/Couples Workshop if:

  • You want to develop a strong foundation before you get married
  • You are in a long-term relationship but struggling to communicate effectively
  • You want to learn how to keep conflict discussions calm
  • You or your partner battle trust issues or past traumas
  • You are searching for tools to advance your relationship
  • You want to improve the quality of your relationship

What to Expect in the Couples Workshop

The couples workshop will be held on Sat-Sun. The workshop is packed with tools to build connections between partners/spouses through guided activities, conversation, and printed materials. The use of open dialogue encourages discussion of challenges and triumphs couples face today. Skills are based on decades of research of what is most helpful for couples from John Gottman with The Gottman Institute.

Partners in our premarital counseling workshop will:

  • Feel a deeper emotional connection
  • Improve communication between partners
  • Develop effective tools to navigate future situations
  • Conduct long-term life planning

By the end of the weekend workshop, you will be more deeply connected and have solid relationship skills. You will also materials you can take home to keep on hand for maintaining and practicing the skills learned over the weekend.

Completion of the workshop qualifies for a free marriage license.

This workshop is for ANY couple in a committed relationship.

Our Premarital / Couples Workshop meets for one weekend, Sat-Sun, February 29, March 1, at our Heights location and is facilitated by couples therapist Ametis Bassir.

To learn more or register for the couples workshop, fill out our interest form and we will follow up with more information:

premarital couples workshop group
Your relationship deserves the skills for lasting connection.

Couples & Premarital Counseling Available

If you or your partner are unsure about participating in a premarital counseling workshop session but would like to set the foundation for your relationship, use the contact form above or call/text us at 832-559-2622 to schedule an initial, free consultation.

Premarital & Couples Workshop