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1. I try not to think much about my own emotional states.
2. I believe that people should just roll with the punches and get on with life.
3. There’s not much point in dwelling on your inner feelings.
4. I generally view being emotional as being out of control.
5. People ought to be more rational and less emotional.
6. I think expressing emotion is okay only if it’s in control.
7. Anger is a very dangerous emotion.
8. People often act emotional just to get what they want.
9. If you ignore negative emotions, they tend to go away and take care of themselves.
10. It is best to just “ride out” negative emotions and not dwell on them.
11. I don’t mind other people’s negative moods as long as they don't last too long.
12. I try to get over sadness quickly so I can move on to better things.
13. I set some definite limits on other people’s staying in a negative emotional state.
14. I tend to get impatient with people’s sadness.
15. I believe in not paying attention to people if they aren't positive or cheerful.
16. People can’t be very rational if they are being emotional.
17. I really don’t want to experience negative emotions.
18. It isn’t important to dwell on why you are feeling the way you feel.
19. When people get sad they are just feeling sorry for themselves.
20. I think if you want to you can make yourself feel positively about almost anything.
21. I am not sure anything can be done when someone is feeling down.
22. I just don’t think people should ever show their anger.
23. It is unnecessary to look deeply at the causes of one's emotions.
24. I just try not to make a big deal out of my own emotions.
25. There is very little to be gained by dwelling on why one is feeling a certain way.
26. People can definitely not tell what I am feeling.
27. Anger is always a very toxic emotion.
28. Feelings are private and I try not to express them outwardly.
29. There’s not much difference between anger and aggression.
30. Expressions of affection are usually embarrassing for me.
31. I try to avoid people when they are sad.
32. Generally, I am fairly neutral and don’t experience very much emotion.
33. Sadness is a form of weakness.
34. Feelings are best kept to one’s self.
35. Ideally, it is better to stay in control, upbeat, and positive.
36. If people are emotional they may lose control.
37. To get over a negative emotion, just get on with life and don't dwell on things.
38. I don’t feel comfortable with outward displays of love.
39. People ought to know when you love them without you having to say so.
40. Dwelling on your fears just is an excuse for not getting things done.
41. In general it’s better not to express your sad feelings.
42. I’m not sure that there’s much that can be done to change strong negative feelings.
43. Trying to problem solve with an emotional person is a waste of time.
44. When my partner is angry it means there is something wrong with our relationship.
45. Just the passage of time solves most things.

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Rachel Eddins, M.Ed., LPC-S, CGP
Rachel’s passion is to help people discover their personal gifts and strengths to achieve self-acceptance, create a healthy relationship with food, mind and body, and find meaning and fulfillment in work and life roles. She helps people create nurturance and healing from within to restore balance and enoughness and overcome binge eating, emotional eating, anxiety, depression and lack of career fulfillment.

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