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1. The family I grew up in struggled financially.
2. I was physically abused by my parent(s).
3. My relationships with my siblings were not close.
4. I was sexually abused or molested in my family.
5. My family home was a place of instability and insecurity.
6. My family moved too often.
7. My parents were not affectionate toward me.
8. One or both of my parents were alcoholic.
9. My parents were unhappy with one another.
10. I never really trusted my parents.
11. My parents had no faith in my abilities.
12. My parents didn’t praise me very much.
13. My parents didn’t often show me that they loved me.
14. I was lonely as a child.
15. My parents didn’t protect me from danger very well.
16. We didn’t travel very much together as a family.
17. Growing up I could never talk to my parents about my feelings.
18. My home was very chaotic.
19. My parents used unnecessarily strict and harsh discipline.
20. It was never okay for me to tell my parents what my needs were.
21. I was not accepted by my peers.
22. My parents would use shame, or belittle me.
23. There was no love and affection expressed in my family.
24. Ours was not a child-centered home.
25. The kids were ignored by my parents.
26. There was lots of rivalry between my siblings.
27. My home was not open socially to guests and visitors.
28. My parent(s) used illicit drugs or alcohol.
29. My parents forced me to do a lot of chores.
30. There was a lot of conflict in my family.
31. My parents gave me very little freedom to explore my interests.
32. I experienced cruelty from my family.
33. I witnessed violence between my parents or adults in my family.
34. I had no supportive teachers at school.
35. I didn’t have a sense of belonging in my family.
36. I experienced abuse or bullying from peers at school.
37. My parents were not understanding and empathic toward my feelings.
38. My father was not present, or absent a lot.
39. My parents were emotionally volatile.
40. I often got blamed when something went wrong at school.
41. I had no good friends growing up.
42. My parents rarely came to my own special events.
43. My parents had bad temper outbursts.
44. I didn’t get the attention I needed growing up
45. My father was a cold person.
46. My parents were neglectful.
47. I was not accepted by my peers.
48. My parents never really knew me well.
49. There was a lot of tension in my home growing up.
50. My mother was a cold person.
51. I was given few choices as a kid.
52. I was physically hungry as a kid.
53. I never really got know my father.
54. I rarely look forward to family gatherings or visits from relatives.
55. We are not a strong or unified family.
56. I never took fun vacations with my family.
57. My family was not emotionally expressive.
58. My parents were strict and authoritarian.
59. I dislike some of my brothers or sisters.
60. I am competitive with one or more of my siblings.
61. My family was not active in the community.
62. It was never okay for me to make mistakes.
63. I was compared unfavorably to others by my parents.
64. My parents were too perfectionist.
65. My mother and father were critical of me.
66. We did not usually eat together as a family.
67. We rarely had fun family holidays together.
68. My preferences as a kid were usually ignored..
69. My birthdays were never well celebrated.
70. My siblings were not given preference over me.
71. My parents’ discipline was inconsistent.
72. My parents were financially stingy toward me.
73. There was no music in our home.
74. There was no laughter in my home growing up.
75. I couldn’t usually come to my parents and ask for help.
76. I rarely had friends over to my house.
77. We rarely had fun together as a family.
78. We rarely played together as a family.
79. If I had a problem as a kid, I usually kept it to myself.

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Rachel Eddins, M.Ed., LPC-S, CGP
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