Houston Therapist for Children, Teens, Young Adults, & Parents

Sarah Agarwal, Houston Child, Teen, Parent TherapistDo you feel overwhelmed with your parenting? Do you feel that as your child has gotten older, you are less and less sure of what to do? Do you experience anxiety around handling when your child might have a meltdown? Do you feel that the tools you are using to discipline your child aren’t working anymore?

If so, I can help. I have worked with parents, teachers, and other caregivers who are struggling with a child in their life to build a more positive and understanding relationship with their child. When you have the tools and confidence in your parenting abilities, you are better able to manage and respond to the behaviors your child is exhibiting.

You are already a great parent; I’m just giving you more tools for your parenting toolbox!

I have also worked with young children, preadolescents, and teens that need more help with regulating their emotions, communicating, or expressing their feelings.

Often, children and teens are not always able to express their struggles, so I use play therapy and expressive arts techniques to help the child or teen build insight around what is really bothering them and help them learn ways to express themselves to others. I work with parents as part of a holistic treatment approach and I understand how important the family system is for change and healing.

I also enjoy working with young adults who are struggling with anxiety, depression, relational issues, and adjusting to changes in their lives. My work with young adults focuses on helping you identify anxious or depressive thoughts and symptoms and examine your patterns of relating with others. I believe this understanding of yourself can help to bring about healing and growth, and as your counselor, I am honored to be on this journey with you.

Through my experience and training, I have worked with family members to understand and support mental health within family systems, and define how mental health challenges have impacted everyone involved. Mental health challenges are something we all face at some time in our lives, but we don’t have to do it alone. Sometimes, issues involving psychological wellbeing can be difficult to accept, or cope with when a family member is struggling. I work with families to provide psychoeducation, support, and validation in the experiencing of mental health symptoms, and work to establish communication and understanding between family members.

My Approach

My theoretical orientation is humanistic counseling, which means our work together will center on you and our relationship.

I believe that the therapeutic relationship is the basis of change and growth and I will work with you – my client – to promote trust and respect.

Together, we will explore how your beliefs impact your life and help you build awareness of your daily stresses and patterns of relating to your world.

About Me

I love to cook and spend time with people having deep conversations. I am an ISFJ so you might also find me curled up with a good book or listening to music or a podcast. I have recently moved to the Houston area and I love to get outdoors and explore the trails, local restaurants, and shops that make Houston so inviting.

with Houston therapist, Sarah Agarwal.

Sarah is a National Certified Counselor (NCC) and a Licensed Professional Counselor-Associate under the supervision of Bonnie Mondragon, LPC-S, RPT-S. She holds a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling from Texas State University and a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Victim Studies from Sam Houston State University. Sarah is currently a Doctoral Candidate at the University of North Texas in the Counseling Program and the focus of her dissertation research is working with parents of preadolescents. Sarah has experience working with clients across the lifespan in multiple community clinics where she served clients from diverse socioeconomic statuses, cultural backgrounds, and presenting concerns. Sarah has devoted her professional career to meeting clients where they are and working within the therapeutic relationship to help her clients feel capable and accepted.