Tired of feeling run down, stressed and disconnected from your self?

Are you ready to reconnect with who you really are and reclaim your life?

This is a self care and personal renewal support group for all women seeking to take better care of themselves, set healthy boundaries, feel empowered, and nurture deeper desires and needs. The group meets every other week via phone. The group will also foster deeper connection with other members.

self care for womenTopics for the Self Care for Women Group include:

  • The Transformative Power of Self-care (physical, mental, spiritual and emotional)
  • Reconnecting with Who You Are, Nurturing Your Essence
  • Good is Good Enough
  • Self-love and Owning Your Personal Power
  • Unleashing Your Creativity and Reclaiming Adventure in Our Lives
  • Creating Your Personal Support System
  • Life Balance: Insights and Strategies for Balanced Living
  • Managing Our Energy, Saying “No” and Asking for Help

Self care is not self-indulgence – it is self-preservation!”  Renee Trudeau


The self care for women group meets every other week via teleconference; members will have time and space to connect more deeply with one another through exercises, discussion and group support.

Next start date TBD, please contact us for additional details.