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How Compassionate Are You to Yourself?

For most of us, finding compassion for others who are struggling is easy to do. We’re often kinder to others than we are to ourselves. Learn more about your level of self-acceptance.

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Research shows that self-compassion is linked to life satisfaction. You can take the self-compassion quiz to identify where you are now or take it again to measure your progress after working to build skills of self-acceptance.

The self-compassion scale measures how you respond to yourself during times of difficulty.

The short self-compassion test measures the elements of self-compassion identified by Dr. Kristin Neff (self-kindness, common humanity, and mindfulness) and the things that get in the way (self-judgment, isolation, and over-identification).

Use the scale to help you pinpoint the areas you are already doing well and the areas that need your attention to continue to nurture the power of self-compassion.

You will receive an email with your results broken down in each category.

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What is Self-Compassion?

Self-compassion involves treating the self with care and concern when considering personal inadequacies, mistakes, failures, and painful life situations.

It can be argued that building self-compassion skills are the most important psychological skills to develop for good mental health. The relationship we have with ourselves affects virtually all aspects of our life.

If we do not accept ourselves for who we are and feel that we can only be “enough” if we reach certain standards, we are bound to a life of suffering.

Some people fear that self-criticism is motivating and self-compassion might lead to laziness or a loss of motivation. However, research has shown the opposite to be true. The greater compassion we have for ourselves, the greater our ability to pursue and stick to goals that support our well-being.


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Follow Up To The Self Compassion Test

Next Steps:

If your self-compassion quiz results indicate challenges in one or more areas of self-compassion, there is hope! Why should you work on compassion? Having greater self-compassion is linked to improved physical and mental health, greater goal attainment, and overall well-being.

*You should receive self-compassion exercises you can practice to strengthen self-acceptance and self-compassion. You can unsubscribe at any time. However, we encourage you to practice these exercises on your own to build self-compassion.

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