Social Anxiety Test

Do I Have Social Anxiety?

Do you fear or avoid social or performance situations and get anxious just thinking about them? Take our social anxiety test and find out if it social anxiety is limiting your potential.

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Is Social Anxiety Holding You Back?

When you have social anxiety it can impair your ability to fulfill your potential because you may avoid experiences that could help you grow and develop your abilities. The fear of being judged, scrutinized or embarrassed can be paralyzing and limiting.

Social anxiety disorder is more than just shyness.

Take this social anxiety test and find out if social anxiety could be limiting your potential.

Instructions: Check off as many items that apply to you on each question.

Review Your Quiz Score

Is Social Anxiety Interfering with Your Life?

Your social anxieties are interfering with your life if you avoid any of the following:

  • Going into new situations (i.e., a new club, meeting, classroom, activity)
  • Auditioning or interviewing for positions you are qualified to hold
  • Speaking up at a meeting
  • Speaking up in a classroom
  • Talking to supervisors about work-related issues
  • Talking to people you don’t know
  • Attending gatherings of people, even to advance your career or celebrate an event.

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Follow Up To The Social Anxiety Disorder Test

CBT Therapy Can Help

If your quiz results indicate social anxiety symptoms, reach out for help. Cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness based therapy has been shown to effectively treat social anxiety.

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