Immigration Evaluations

An immigration evaluation can significantly enhance your chances of obtaining a legal stay in the United States.

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Immigration Evaluations
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Can an Immigration Evaluation Improve Your Ability to Remain Legally in the United States?

  • Are you seeking a visa, citizenship, or other form of legal residence in the U.S.?
  • Do you qualify for residency through asylum, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), or an extreme hardship waiver?
  • Could a thorough assessment further explaining your circumstances benefit your immigration case?

Your lawyer may have told you that you need an immigration evaluation. This assessment, performed by a therapist, can help explain some of the psychological, emotional, and physical hurdles you’ve faced on your immigration journey.

Whether you escaped a dangerous situation or are seeking better opportunities, you’ve likely encountered extreme stress, legal hurdles, and prolonged distance from loved ones along the way. 

The trauma you experienced is a painful yet important part of your story.

You may have been the victim of a crime or abused in some way on your path to seeking immigration.

Even if you were able to escape a dangerous situation, you now have to contend with:

  • language barriers,
  • xenophobia,
  • cultural differences, and
  • fear of being deported.

These factors can complicate your transition to a balanced, productive life in the United States. All of this information can be useful to USCIS in determining whether or not you can stay.

With an immigration evaluation through Eddins Counseling Group, you can improve your chances of making a powerful case for legal residency. 

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Take Back Control of Your Life With
Immigration Evaluations

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Are You A Lawyer Seeking An Immigration Assessment For Your Client?

If you’re an immigration attorney, you’re probably aware that a psychological evaluation of your client can significantly strengthen their application for a legal stay in the U.S.

You may be in search of a therapist who can perform an assessment based on the criteria for an asylum, VAWA, or extreme hardship waiver case. 

Fortunately, because our immigration evaluation specialist has a background in law, we can offer an assessment that’s thorough, thoughtful, and written to standard expectations.

Together, we can enhance your client’s immigration case.

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Psychological Evaluations Are Often The Determining Factor In Immigration Cases

Psychological evaluations can make or break an immigration case.

In fact, some estimates show that asylum cases with a thorough evaluation have close to an 89 percent success rate.

By comparison, cases without evaluations have a far lower success rate, usually hovering around 38 percent. 

These assessments:

  • are a meaningful way to humanize a client
  • demonstrate the emotional and psychological toll that immigration-related trauma takes on the mind and body

Particularly in instances of extreme hardship, asylum, or escaping domestic violence, a psychological evaluation can help solidify how a client would benefit from a safe, legal residence in the United States.

Unfortunately, there remains a mental health stigma both in the U.S. and abroad that prevents people from identifying their trauma or discussing distressing experiences with a mental health professional.

If we have adopted the idea that we are unworthy of help and special attention, or if the danger we escaped feels ever-present, it can be uncomfortable to open up about frightening experiences.

Yet, immigration evaluation specialists are uniquely trained therapists who will take an unbiased yet compassionate approach when telling your story.

With our assessment and treatment plan, you can experience increased psychological, emotional, and legal harmony on your immigration journey.

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The Immigration Evaluation Process At Eddins Counseling

Typically, we perform immigration evaluations for clients who have been referred by their lawyers or who are seeing us for individual counseling.

  • Once a proper referral has been made, we can begin the assessment process, which typically spans three sessions.
  • In this time, we will identify your unique immigration obstacles and barriers, offering a clinical perspective on the ways that trauma has impacted you.
  • From there, we will draft a detailed report that you can submit with your case. 

In addition to the immigration evaluation itself, we are likely to encourage ongoing treatment to help you reduce stress and disruptive symptoms.

Depending on your needs, we can connect you to a therapist within our practice or refer you to a specialist that can help.

With ongoing mental health support, you can increase your resiliency and improve your mindset throughout the stressful process of obtaining residency. 

Meet Our Immigration Assessment Specialist, AP Vo

Before her current role as a therapist at Eddins Counseling Group, AP Vo practiced immigration and family law at a nonprofit that worked with crime victims and immigration-related issues.

With ample legal experience, AP is aware of the criteria for a wide range of applications, including VAWA relief for survivors of domestic abuse, T-visas for victims of human trafficking, and those seeking asylum from politically dangerous situations. 

AP’s balanced approach to immigration evaluations helps humanize the traumas her clients have experienced while also presenting an objective legal argument in favor of their stay in the U.S.

Despite the significant challenges her clients face, she is inspired by their strength and resilience, and she is passionate about using her skills to strengthen immigration cases for her clients across the board

If you’re in need of an extensive immigration evaluation that can potentially improve your chances of maintaining a legal residence in the United States, we have a team of skilled clinicians who are here to help. 

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Immigration Evaluations FAQ's


Therapists are uniquely trained professionals who are taught how to be sensitive, unbiased, and culturally aware.

Your therapist is here to help you feel comfortable during your immigration evaluation—not to judge you

Together, we can ensure that your evaluation moves at a pace that is comfortable for you.

And because we are likely to recommend ongoing mental health counseling beyond the assessment period, you can feel secure that you’re building a safe, trusted rapport with a clinician who will continue to support you. 

Typically, the assessment period lasts for the span of three talk therapy sessions (approximately three hours in total).

This will ensure that your therapist has plenty of time to ask all pertinent questions in service of a thorough, impactful immigration evaluation to enhance your case.

No, and we generally do not accept insurance at our practice.

However, if cost is a concern, we invite you to contact us.

There may be resources available that can help offset the cost of an immigration evaluation. 

Improve Your Immigration Case

An immigration evaluation can significantly enhance your chances of obtaining a legal stay in the United States.

To schedule a free consultation with our psychological evaluation specialist or for more information about immigration assessments, contact us below.

Get Help From a Specialist in Immigration Evaluations

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An Phong “AP” Vo

AP is an experienced therapist with a diverse background that contributes to successfully helping couples find solutions that work.


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