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Feeling stuck as you process a big life transition? Therapy can help you find the next step forward.

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Life Transitions Counseling
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Have You Recently Undergone A Significant Life Change?

Is a new experience causing you to feel paralyzed or unprepared? And do you have trouble figuring out which direction to move in next?

Several major life transitions can result in instability and emotional distress, including (but not limited to):

Managing life transitions can feel exhausting, isolating and overwhelming. Working with a therapist through a major life transition can provide support, coping skills and resiliency. 

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Take Back Control of Your Life With
Therapy for Life Transitions

Give us a call at 832-559-2622 to find out more about Life Transitions Counseling in Houston. Or click "Get Started Now" to schedule an appointment online with our Therapy for Life Transitions counselors today. We have therapists near the Montrose, Heights & Sugar Land neighborhoods and offer online therapy in multiple states.

Natural Life Transitions Can Also Create Stress 

  • Getting Married
  • Becoming New Parents
  • Aging
  • Transitioning Into Retirement

When the circumstances of everyday life change drastically, feeling unable to move forward can result in symptoms that impact mental health. Unable to fully let go of the past or fully embrace the future, you may be unsure of yourself and your decisions.

Change Often Leads To Uncomfortable Symptoms

During times of transition, it is normal to feel stuck. Common symptoms of anxiety and depression can appear such as:

  • A lack of motivation
  • A loss of purpose or fulfillment
  • Insomnia or changes in sleep patterns
  • Self-doubt
  • Procrastination
  • Loneliness
  • Fear
  • Hopelessness

These symptoms often lead to other mental health conditions and, in some cases, substance abuse. And though life can feel overwhelming during the transition, counseling can help you find your footing. And regain a sense of self-confidence as you chart a path forward.

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Change and Transitional Periods Are a Natural Part of Life

While many mental health conditions affect only a portion of the population, the truth is that all of us experience some sort of big change in life that alters our course. Simply put, life transitions are a universal aspect of being human. 

As humans, however, we are hardwired to resist change. Our brains are designed to interpret change as a threat, resulting in hormones being released that cause a fight-or-flight response based in fear. By reacting to transitional periods in life with a stress response, our brains are actually protecting us.

Nevertheless, this response often leads to patterns of negative self-talk, feelings of helplessness, and daily stress. For many of us, we have only known or anticipated a specific, linear path in life, and any detour can be frightening or cause us to question our decisions or abilities.

Moreover, we usually have to contend with other people affected by the same transitions we face. Common events like job changes, family changes, or grief and loss can put stress on our relationships, resulting in tension, conflict, and indecisiveness.

In counseling for life transitions, you can learn how to manage the stress of a difficult life transition so that your life and relationships feel more harmonious.

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Life Transitions Counseling Gives You An Opportunity To Clarify Your Strengths And Create A Plan For The Future

If you’re struggling with daily symptoms of stress and overwhelm, it can be hard to see outside of your situation in order to know the direction in which to move.

Yet by working with a therapist for life transitions and change, you can have the advantage of an outside perspective.  You can fully process your emotions and experiences, develop coping skills, and find new solutions that allow you to come out the other side of your life transition successfully.

Therapy begins with an intake that will help your therapist at Eddins Counseling identify your strengths, understand the impact of your life transition, and collaborate on goals to establish a path forward.

As you gain clarity on your values and goals, you can take steps toward a more fulfilling, purpose-driven life.

Therapy At Eddins Counseling Is Individualized For Your Unique Life Transition

Our therapeutic approach works to engage innate strengths so that you can feel capable of lasting relief from the uncomfortable symptoms impacting your life. We draw from a wide range of modalities—including behavioral therapies, positive psychology, and trauma-informed techniques—to help you process your experiences and customize a toolbox that you can draw from during times of distress.

In therapy for life transitions, you will learn to:

Working with our clinicians, you can expect to outline a path forward based on your strengths and values so that you can live life as authentically—and confidently—as possible. 

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Therapy for Life Transitions FAQ's

There are plenty of significant life changes that are “normal” or “ordinary.” However, when we’re stressed we may not have access to all the resources we have when we’re at ease—that is just how the human brain works.

The truth is that we’re social beings meant to rely on others for support, no matter how independent we may be.

Asking for help is a sign of courage—not weakness—and counseling paves the way for healing so that we can begin to adapt, grow, and overcome life’s challenges during periods of transition.

And even if you do already have skills to cope, counseling can just equip you with more. 

It’s completely normal to have this fear, especially when it comes to seeing a provider you’ve never met before—therapy is a vulnerable experience.

Our therapists are empathetic and nonjudgmental, operating from the belief that you are doing the best you can with your resources

Our job is to help you navigate your situation in a way that will work for you and treat you with compassion as you develop essential skills.

Also, keep in mind that counseling for life transitions is a HIPAA-protected process that ensures your safety and privacy.

Not to mention, you’re never alone in navigating your fears and worries. We all possess parts of ourselves that live in our most vulnerable, scary, and hidden away places. However, we believe that when those parts are illuminated, they lose the power that makes them scary or shameful. Therapy is an opportunity to neutralize fears and worries that create doubt and discomfort.

It’s important that you feel supported and understood. Our role in counseling is to listen to your unique situation and ask clarifying questions so we can fully understand how your experiences have impacted you.

With our person-centered, strengths-based approach to life transitions therapy, we will validate your experience and offer individualized strategies for coping so that you can become unstuck and move forward. 

New And Hopeful Opportunities Are Possible

We know that you may feel like a door slammed shut in your life, but counseling for life transitions can help you see the other opportunities that await you. The future is full of other doors that can be opened. Sometimes a fresh start opens you to a new stage or chapter that you didn’t even know was possible.

You Can Become Unstuck

In therapy at Eddins Counseling, you can feel supported as you move through your life’s transition and toward a path of joy, purpose, and authenticity. 

Contact us below to get started.

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