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Build self worth, confidence, and self compassion through self esteem therapy.

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Self-Esteem Counseling
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Do You Focus on Your Weaknesses Instead of Your Strengths?

  • Are you uncomfortable claiming your unique qualities or accepting compliments?
  • Do you wonder how others live such great lives while you are always struggling?
  • Are you more critical of yourself than you are of others?
  • Do you feel that if you don’t do everything perfectly, you are a failure?
  • Do you find it hard to be kind to yourself?
  • Are you quick to dismiss your positive qualities?
  • Do you find it hard to set boundaries with others?
  • Do you feel crippled by low self-esteem?

You may seem happy and successful on the outside, but secretly live with the fear that you will be “found out.” This “imposter syndrome” can drive you to overachieve and strive for continuous success to maintain the mask of positive self-esteem.

This can lead to problems with self-worth, perfectionismprocrastination, competition, and burnout.

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Take Back Control of Your Life With
Self-Esteem Therapy

Give us a call at 832-559-2622 to find out more about Self-Esteem Counseling in Houston. Or click "Get Started Now" to schedule an appointment online with our Self-Esteem Therapy counselors today. We have therapists near the Montrose, Heights & Sugar Land neighborhoods and offer online therapy in multiple states.

Therapy for low self esteem can help you build confidence.

Low self esteem can be a perpetual struggle. When masked, this can lead to rebelliousness, acting as if the opinions or good will of others – especially people who are important or powerful – don’t matter.

The self-esteem mask can protect you from the hurt of perceived judgments and criticisms by others. It can also lead to problems like blaming others excessively, or struggling with authority.

Or perhaps you feel helpless and in need of others to provide guidance. This can lead to a lack of assertiveness skills and dismissing your own strengths, lack of trust in self, and excessive reliance on others. When you don’t feel solid within, you can easily feel anxious and unsure.

Therapy can help you improve self esteem and learn to trust yourself. 

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What is Self-Esteem?

Self-esteem is a realistic, appreciative opinion of oneself that can fluctuate at different points in one’s life. This means that self-esteem can change! You are not powerless, and you don’t have to have low self-esteem forever.

Our self esteem therapists can help you regain your power, challenge the negative thinking patterns of the inner critic, develop a compassionate and nurturing relationship with yourself, learn to trust yourself and start overcoming low self esteem.

Sometimes it can be helpful to reframe or gain understanding about a situation or experience that may have contributed to your core beliefs or the way you feel about yourself. For example, you may feel the need to be perfect because early on it was the only way your needs for connection were met. These experiences shape our behavior and condition us to believe or behave in a certain way that is no longer working. By gaining a different perspective about the situation you can shift your beliefs about yourself and give yourself the compassion and nurturing that you needed.

Learning to trust yourself can improve low self-esteem. Tuning in to your own inner resources can guide you in decisions and finding confidence from within. You can stop asking others for advice or opinions when you feel the need for reassurance. Instead, you can feel stronger and more secure.

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What is Self-Compassion?

Low self esteem counseling ultimately involves learning and practicing self-compassion. Self compassion means acknowledging when you’re having a hard time or experiencing pain, learning to accept yourself with all your imperfections, learning to soothe yourself with comfort and kindness when you’re stressed, anxious, or unsure, and learning to allow yourself to be a fallible human like everyone else.

People with low self esteem often have compassion for others, but not for themselves.

Self-compassion doesn’t mean not having goals for yourself or not striving to do well. Rather, it is a way of relating to yourself that actually helps you accomplish your goals more readily than through shame-based methods. No matter what your accomplishments on the outside, successes or failures, you are deserving and worthy of kindness and compassion. 

Through therapy, you’ll learn to develop a kind and loving relationship with yourself vs. a harsh, judging voice. Self compassion skills can increase your emotional resilience, motivation, happiness and overall well-being. 

By building self-compassion, overcoming low self esteem is possible.

Self compassion fosters self worth. Seek therapy to help you build a compassionate relationship with yourself vs focusing on your imperfections. Not only will your sense of self improve, but self compassion also reduces related mental health conditions. You feel better!

Keeping a gratitude journal can help with building compassion – this helps you on what is good vs. what is lacking.

Self criticism isn’t motivating, it’s just keeping you stuck.

Self compassion is the way out.

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Self-Esteem Therapy FAQ's

  • Develop a realistic sense of your strengths and feel at ease with yourself
  • Find value within yourself and learn to trust yourself
  • Recognize that you are “comparing your insides to other people’s outsides,” exaggerating their strengths in comparison to your own
  • Learn to challenge negative thoughts and the negative self-talk that attacks your self-esteem
  • Decrease feelings of inadequacy & increase a sense of self worth
  • Increase healthy self-esteem and self-acceptance
  • Learn to communicate assertively with others
  • Love others securely
  • Make life changes that support your values vs. your fears, such as asking for a raise or promotion or seeking a new career or relationship
  • Increase overall life satisfaction and feel good in your own skin

You Don’t Have to Struggle with Low Self-Esteem

Long-term benefits of increased self compassion can impact every area of your life from increased health and well-being to more satisfying relationships.

Let one of our licensed therapists help you reclaim and value your unique self.

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