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There are times when we experience a lack of emotional balance in our life, which can appear to be accompanied by stress, confusion, a sense of hopelessness, or disconnection from families and friends. Challenging and sometimes scary, these moments provide a unique opportunity for self-discovery.  My belief is that people have the potential to heal, reinvent themselves, and make meaningful life changes.

I have learned through my own life experience how struggles can open a door into a deeper aspect of self, leading to a better understanding of what was missing.  My focus is on helping others to access their own source of creativity, support personal growth, work to relieve the discomfort, and search for new choices. I believe that everybody holds strengths and talents that can be discovered or further developed in therapy.  We will work together to find them in a safe, warm, and friendly environment.  I use a diverse set of counseling techniques tailored to meet your specific needs.

Trauma Therapy

You might be feeling overwhelmed due to some type of disturbing event which shattered your sense of security.  This may have been some type of abuse, an accident, the death of someone close, domestic violence, a natural disaster, a layoff, a difficult boss, infidelity, or another distressing event.  As a result, you might feel anxiety, sadness, PTSD, anger, strained relationships or ongoing problems with sleep and self-esteem. It is normal to struggle when such symptoms appear.  The various approaches I use include eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), which is a powerful way to move past distressing memories and beliefs. I am also a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. We will find constructive ways to manage unpleasant emotions, reduce stress, feel confident and secure and rebuild trust.


Do you wonder “what happens to my child after adolescence?” In addition to the dramatic physical, intellectual and emotional changes experienced in puberty, today’s world carries many stressors for kids related to cyberbullying, unrealistic physical expectations, fitting in, addiction, online violence, and negative peer pressure.  For the family, these may result in confrontation, despair, and loss of communication. I help families and teens communicate effectively with each other to restore family bonds that lead to increased self-esteem, and safer choices and behaviors. 

Infidelity, Couples & Marriage Counseling

Couples sometimes come to therapy asking “what happened with our relationship?” or “Why do I now feel so disconnected from my partner?” With the use of assessments and utilizing the Gottman Method, we will search for the areas that require special focus while looking for better ways to support conflict management, positive communication, and intimacy.

More About Steven

couples counselor, trauma therapist, teen counselorSteven Serrano is a bilingual (English & Spanish) Licensed Professional Counselor.  As a therapist, he has worked with individuals, couples, and families on a diverse set of areas including trauma, abuse, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, life changes, anger management, grief, parenting, teen behavior, and low self-esteem. Steven also brings to his therapy practice a wide background including art, spirituality, and business. Steven is known for his compassion and humorous style.

In my free time, I enjoy going to the movies, traveling, reading, and painting.  Traveling allows me to meet people of diverse cultures, try new types of food and see the world from a different lens! Painting is my way to talk to my soul, expressing emotions while using imagination to create new images.

What Clients Are Saying:

Steven has been helpful on multiple levels including relationships and career, and a big life change. I feel like he has the same mentality when it comes to interfacing with the world and I think he is genuine, which makes the therapy extremely effective.

Steven is great and we really appreciate everything he is doing for us.

Steven helped us discover how our pasts were influencing our decisions and reactions. I gained a better understanding of my partner and we were able to work out our issues. 

Steve helped turn my life around…wish I had found him earlier! His help made me approach things differently. Not only is my relationship with my wife stronger, my relationships on a whole are now stronger!

Steven is great. We are really enjoying our sessions and he’s helping so much.

Everything is going great, we have been doing our homework and it is working great for us. Steven always has the best attitude towards everything and is a perfect fit.

Steven has been great. We have very productive sessions. He is a great listener and has brought things to light that I never was aware of. He has a good perspective and is very easygoing. I am learning a lot about myself thanks to him.

Steve’s ability to listen and process my feelings without judgment makes me feel like he’s always in my corner.

Steven is awesome and we have felt amazingly comfortable with him since the first session.

Steven has been great. I have really improved since first coming and talking with Steven, so my experience has been wonderful.

Sessions have been wonderful. I have had a couple of different therapists before and he’s the best one I’ve had yet. He is really fantastic.

with Houston therapist, Steven Serrano, LPC, CCTP.

Steven Serrano is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas, license #,74075 and a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP).  He holds a Master of Science in Human Services with a specialization in Mental Health Counseling.  Steven brings to his therapy practice a wide background including art, spirituality, and business.  He also has a Bachelors degree in Business & Marketing. His experience as a therapist includes work at a primary care services provider for families in greater Houston and working as a bilingual counselor for juveniles.

Prior to obtaining his Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling, Steven’s business experience as a manager in the energy industry allowed him to interact with a culturally diverse group of clients across a broad geographic scope.  This helped him better understand their unique wants and needs, work on solution-focused agreements, and build lasting business relationships.  He also has experience in developing & coaching teams.  This ultimately led him to the field of professional counseling.  Steven is a member of the Texas Counseling Association (TCA), a Member of Chi Sigma Iota International Counseling Honor Society (CSI), and a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP).

Gottman Approved Member

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