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Whether we know it or not, we tell ourselves stories that shape the way we view ourselves and our world. We think, “I’m just not the kind of person who…” or “I always find myself…” even when these stories harm us or hold us back. Unfortunately, people naturally undervalue their strengths and accomplishments, so these stories prevent us from recognizing our true value. The good news, though, is that these are only stories, and stories can be rewritten to help us grow and flourish personally, professionally, and creatively.

As a counselor, my greatest strength has always been recognizing and celebrating the value others have difficulty seeing in themselves and turning that story into a powerful and productive driver for happiness and success. By taking a strengths-based and person-centered approach, I offer judgment-free counseling that aims to inspire and develop rather than shame and impose, and I employ an eclectic mixture of practical and creative counseling approaches in addition to traditional talk-based therapy. Sometimes, we just need a safe space to share our vulnerabilities and work through the complications of life, so I view the counseling experience as a partnership and an alliance. I will respect and honor your disclosures and work toward developing tools and strategies to take control of your narrative.

For many people, character begins to form and crystalize early based on family and life circumstances, but these experiences are not always ideal for helping us become who we want to be, forcing us to forge our own path. I am no exception. I come from a low-income household fraught with conflict but overcame obstacles to become a first-generation college student, graduating with a Bachelor’s in Art and Master’s degree in Counseling and working with institutions like Purdue and Rice University. Because of my story, I have a passion for serving diverse populations and tailoring my attention to the unique needs of each individual. I meet you where you are because our unique traits are what makes us exceptional.

Though anyone can benefit from the counseling process, my practice can best serve adolescents and adults facing challenges with anxiety, depression, career transitions, relationships, work-life balance, LGBTQ+ concerns, low self-esteem, parenting, eating disorders, and body image.

Tamara Clarkson Houston Career Counselor
One of the principal influences on personal satisfaction is career, and I bring many years of experience to help with college major and career exploration, career transitions, work-life balance, and other workplace issues. I believe that a sense of purpose is inextricably linked with our personal fulfillment, so I can provide actionable strategies for identifying what will bring you meaning and purpose while thriving in the workplace.

In my free time, I value spending time with my family and helping my daughter discover the world around her as she approaches school age. I am an avid gardener, so my urban environment has not prevented me from surrounding my family with succulents, flowers, ferns, and a wide range of other beautiful plants. I love cooking nourishing vegetarian meals and exploring everything Houston has to offer.

If you are ready to begin writing the next chapter of your life story, book an appointment today. I can’t wait to meet you and see the amazing individual you will become.

with Houston therapist, Tamara Clarkson

Tamara Clarkson is a graduate of Texas State University’s Professional Counseling graduate program. Tamara is a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern receiving supervision under ECG’s Clinical Director, Becky Reiter LPC-S. She has worked with a range of populations, from at-risk adolescents to MBA-seeking professionals. She has counseled at Texas State University, O. Henry Middle School, Purdue University, and Rice University’s Jones School of Business. Tamara has especially loved supporting the LGBTQ+ community through book clubs, counseling, and even serving as guest judge at Purdue University’s drag show. She believes that what makes you unique can be your greatest strength.