Genuine & Effective

Steven has been helpful on multiple levels including relationships and career, and a big life change. I feel like he has the same mentality when it comes to interfacing with the world and I think he is genuine, which makes the therapy extremely effective.

Great Awareness

I think having someone listen to me – non judgmentally and let me go through things on mind is of number one importance. Second, she (Alex) is present and seems to have a good awareness of when to reach in and ask questions and when to let the information just flow.

Present & Empathetic

I think that Alex is very present with you, and she seems to modify her approach over time after more pieces come together about what I need to get off my chest and go over. It is obvious that she is an empathetic person and wants to be there for you.  

Intuitive, Focused, Caring

Andrew is just amazing. He is extremely professional, a great listener and bright spot in my life. He is intuitive, focused and extremely caring. He made me feel comfortable immediately. He is non-judgmental and the kind of person/therapist who you feel you can talk about anything with.

Thoughtful & Insightful

I have known Andrew for 5 years and I have seen, first hand, the level of care, effort, and dedication, he brings to every counseling session. I highly recommend him to anyone. He embodies what a good therapist should be and will do his best to help anyone who crosses his path. He is thoughtful, View Full →


“Sarah has a similar background, which makes her easy to talk to about my issues, since she can relate. I am managing my anxiety better and I feel like I’m letting go of some emotional baggage.”

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