Danielle Jacquet , Graduate Student Intern

Graduate Student Intern Supervised by Diana Cabrera-Stewart, LPC-S #73994

Adult Counseling for Anxiety, Depression, Trauma

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About Danielle Jacquet


What happens when distressing circumstances or negative self-beliefs become “a part of you?” Do you have difficulty figuring out how you feel when someone asks, “How are you?” Are you tired of your sense of “normal”? Are you struggling to rediscover yourself?

My journey into mental health is a path I took unexpectedly. Having benefitted from counseling services, I aim to assist clients in uncovering their strengths by reconstructing their “weaknesses.”

Having endured many hardships and overcoming domestic violence and sexual assault, I now wish to devote my professional life to supporting individuals. I believe in supporting my client’s development of a citadel within. Establishing a fortress within allows my clients to feel empowered and have a footing in working towards accomplishing sustainable change for their emotional, mental, and behavioral health.

Through collaboratively setting goals, I provide a warm and safe environment for my clients to unpack and process.

I sincerely accept and support all my clients! I maintain a holistic outlook for clients that honors spiritual beliefs, multiculturalism, cultural diversity, social upbringing, and personal history.


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Danielle's Focus

Through a mind-body-spirit lens embedded in awareness and mindfulness, I encourage my clients to rewrite their stories.

I also integrate Christian counseling approaches and interventions for those requesting spiritual and character formation. Please note that I would never impose my Christian belief on my clients. I value all clients’ spirituality whatever forms they take and will incorporate it into your care!

A quote I love comes from Proverbs 20:5. It says, “Counsel in the heart of man is like deep water, But a man of understanding will draw it out.” Allow me to be your “man of understanding” as we work together to identify and journey through your concerns.

This is not the end of your story! You did not come this far to quit! Let’s talk? I’m here for you.

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Danielle's Other Specialities

I provide a warm and safe environment for my clients to unpack and process. My passion is validating and reassuring my clients by sitting alongside and encouraging them as they navigate through current events, mental health concerns, past and present experiences, life transitions, traumas, and various issues.

I also integrate Christian counseling approaches and interventions for Christians requesting spiritual and character formation.

More About Danielle

My hobbies include reading, dancing, longboarding, drawing, spending time with family & friends, traveling around, spending time in worship and quiet time with Christ, and loving on my cats. 

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History And Qualifications

Graduate Degree: Currently Pursuing Master's of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Houston Baptist University

Counselor Affiliations: Certified Community Health Worker (CHW) in the Texas Department of State Health Services, Certified Trauma Professional (CTP) with Evergreens Certification, Student Member of the Texas Counseling Association (TCA), the Houston LPC Association (HLPCA) and the Christian Counselors of Texas, Inc. (CCT)

Undergraduate Degree: Florida Gulf Coast University- BS Health Science

What Clients Are Saying

I Have Felt Empowered to Further Heal

My experience with Eddins has been amazing! Since working with Danielle, I have felt more empowered to further heal. Danielle is so great. Her spiritual wisdom alongside her knowledge of mental health is top-tier to say the least. I admire how she is her best resource.


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