Samantha Birnbaum LPC, LCDC

Licensed Clinical Social Worker — LCSW #74499
Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, License #13051 in Texas

Individual Therapist: Moms, Parents, Eating Disorders & Addiction

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About Samantha Birnbaum


We live in a society where there are constant comparisons and expectations placed on us on a daily basis. It becomes exhausting! In a world where we are constantly striving to be better than the next, and telling ourselves what we should be doing at all times-burnout tends to happen. We are currently more connected than ever through social media and technology, yet people tend to feel more alone than ever before. This comparison game has rapidly increased, and the obligation to “be perfect” and “do more” has never been greater.


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Sam's Focus

If you are feeling that your self-esteem is dwindling and that you can’t keep up in this race anymore, this is where therapy comes in. Reconnecting to yourself and gaining insight and understanding to your experience is key. We tend to put so many other obligations and people ahead of ourselves that we forget our own purpose and meaning from time to time. I grew up in a household with grandparents that were Holocaust survivors that instilled just how important finding meaning in your life is. Without it, we as humans tend to run on autopilot, take on too much or too little, and begin the cycle of negative self–talk, which leads to anxiety, depression, and burnout. Developing unhealthy coping mechanisms during these times can be a way to survive temporarily, however when these coping mechanisms begin to become self-destructive, it’s time to reassess with a professional that can walk hand in hand with you through the journey.

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Sam's Other Specialities

My goal as a therapist is not to solve someone’s problems or give a quick fix. It is, however about building a connection and a relationship built on trust, where vulnerability can occur and the learning process can begin. If you want to live your best life, learn what makes you tick and why you are the way you are, therapy is a great place to begin. As a therapist, I specialize in working with adolescents and adults facing parenting and postpartum challengeseating disorderssubstance abuse, relationship concerns, and family of origin work.

In a couple’s session, I apply emotionally focused therapy (EFT) and the Gottman Method. I am passionate about helping young professionals navigate the next chapter of their lives, whether it’s being newly married, changing careers, or beginning to have children. As a “recovering perfectionist” I am particularly passionate about helping men and women in recovering from an unhealthy relationship with body imagefood and self-esteemOrthorexia, or the obsession with living a healthy lifestyle, is one that I see often with the current societal expectations placed on both teens and adults of varying life situations. I am passionate about helping my clients overcome this obstacle in order to live more fully.

More About Sam

My hobbies include baking, cooking, listening to audiobooks and podcasts, running, hiking, fitness, playing with my cat Ollie, spending time with my family, and being a mom to my son, Izzy, and daughter Hazel.

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History And Qualifications

Sam is a Licensed Professional Counselor, license #74499, and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, license #13051 in Texas. She holds a Master’s degree in Counseling from the University of Houston and a Bachelor’s degree in the study of Interpersonal Communication from the University of Texas in Austin. She has also completed specialized training in Perinatal Mental Health. Her experiences include working for the Council on Recovery where she served as the Choices Counselor for Episcopal High School, in a dynamic position that incorporated both therapy and prevention education. Sam also spends her time doing presentations around the Houston area on various topics on mental health.

Sam has also led multiple parenting classes for parents with kids of all ages.

Graduate Degree: Master’s Degree in Counseling from the University of Houston

Counselor Affiliations: Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, License #13051 in Texas

Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor’s Degree of Interpersonal Communication - University of Texas in Austin

What Clients Are Saying

Our Son Loves Sam.

Our son loves Sam. She is awesome. We could not be happier.


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