Suzanne Kamfar M.Ed., LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor - LPC #82272

Adult, Couples, and Multicultural Therapist

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About Suzanne Kamfar


Life is full of challenges, some of which are stressful and overwhelming, affecting your mood, work, and home life. Stress can affect your health, leaving you feeling worried and possibly even sick.

If you’re used to handling things on your own, you may be feeling isolated managing it all. So, don’t wait. Call to schedule an appointment. I’ll provide you with a thorough assessment, make my recommendations, and help you to turn things around!

I specialize in working with couples and high-functioning professionals who are overwhelmed, exhausted, and may have lost interest in what they do. I know how to treat and relieve relationship conflict, anxiety, and escalating stress while helping clients improve their decision-making and manage the increasing demands of work and home.

Let me help you name your symptoms, triggers, and stressors, and create a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. If you are sailing comfortably and don’t find yourself struggling to cope with the demands of life, great! If not, I can help.


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Susan's Focus

Stress, a high-demand job, intense and long days, and taking work and calls from home, can keep you from getting a break and much-needed restorative sleep, which then affects mood, alertness, and productivity. It can also lead to health problems like hypertension, obesity, etc. Let’s stop this cycle while helping you do what you do best!

High demand and high-stress jobs can impact your motivation and self-care. Gone unattended, anxiety and high stress can get the best of you, leaving you tired, depressed, unhappy, and frustrated or angry. 

Stress can also impact your ability to connect (or stay connected) to others. You may experience greater disconnection in your relationship or increased arguments. If you’re feeling disconnected, isolated, or lost, I can help.

Your Relationships

The most important asset you have in life is your relationship. The way we interact with others is shaped by many different elements, some of which we are aware of, and some we are not.

If you find it difficult to stay connected, start or maintain a relationship, if you feel you are not seen or heard, or if you feel angry, sad, frustrated, and confused, you must wonder if this is all there is. Together we can explore how you connect with others, what you expect from a relationship, and how much you can grow, or simply navigate, your connection with another person, both in individual and couples therapy. It’s time to take care of you, your most valuable asset. I can help you turn things around and live a happier, healthier life.

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Susan's Other Specialities

You and your story are important

Everyone has a unique life story. My own story has taken me from a professional job in the medical field, to halfway around the world, dealing with many challenges that life has thrown my way, and back to the classroom to pursue what I am greatly passionate about…people and their stories…and helping them heal.

My fascination with life itself has helped me understand people more and connect with them in a way that is authentic, genuine, and compassionate. My medical background has given me the foundation to understand my clients on physical and emotional levels.

This is all helpful because when you go through demanding times, your body and mind are affected simultaneously, and both need attention and care.

I am a mind-body trained therapist who uses evidence-based techniques that include Cognitive Behavioral, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, The Gottman Method Couples Therapy, and Mindfulness, to help you explore where you are stuck, how it may be connected to your life story, and how we can effectively return you to feeling and doing better.

I’ll use a holistic approach to help you connect to your body (to find where your stress is stored), process and release emotions, become more aware of your thoughts as they happen, and navigate all three in a way that works best for you. Having access to and knowledge of different cultures brings the experience and the enthusiasm to work with people from all walks of life using a multicultural perspective.

Life is full of possibilities… we just need to be able to see them. If you are wanting more than the demands of your job, and are wanting less conflict and more connection, I can offer you effective tools, discover new possibilities, to help you start living the life you’ve imagined. Take the first step by calling for an appointment because you deserve it.

More About Susan

When I’m not in the office I enjoy reading, walking in nature, dancing, yoga, meditation, traveling, and connecting with friends.

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History And Qualifications

Suzanne earned her Medical Degree from the Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and her Master’s Degree from the University of Houston. In 2018, she completed Trauma Training at the Mind-Body Institute and an EFT Externship in 2020. Suzanne is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas, License #82272.

Graduate Degree: Master's Degree - University of Houston

Counselor Affiliations: Trauma Training at the Mind-Body Institute

Undergraduate Degree: MD, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences

What Clients Are Saying

My Therapist Is Awesome!

My therapist is awesome! I appreciate that she challenges me and my assumptions, which helps me to see things differently.


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