Terra Ousley LPC Associate

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate - LPCA in Texas
Under the Clinical Supervision of Julianne “Julie” C. Reck, LPC-S

Career and Adult Houston Therapist

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About Terra Ousley


We all experience times in our lives that shake the foundation of who we are. Some may see these experiences as setbacks, but I choose to see them as opportunities for growth. These experiences allow us to pause, self-reflect, adjust, or accept what is. I specialize in helping young adults find clarity and happiness in their careers and personal life. Specifically, those who are struggling with anxiety, perfectionism, chronic stress, imposter syndrome, self-esteem,  life transitions, relationship issues, and career clarity. Choosing the right therapist is such an important decision and you deserve to work with someone you can trust, and feel is the right fit for you. My hope is that as we work together you feel safe enough to have difficult conversations and develop a level of self-awareness and healing that breaks you free of whatever limitations you believe are holding you back. I focus on being non-judgmental and present – allowing you to have a safe space to focus on healing.


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Terra's Focus

Young Adult Career and Personal Counseling

Are you struggling with setting boundaries in relationships at work and in your personal life? Do you feel exhausted by workplace politics and expectations from management? Do you want to find a career with greater impact, mission, or values?

You might be deeply invested in your personal and professional lives, but still lack clarity and confidence in what you really want in your life and career. You might even struggle to adapt to the demands and realities of work and relationships.

Together, we will explore your options using career assessments and a solution focused approach to job hunting and/or career change. We also discuss setting healthy boundaries in relationships and defining what a happy and healthy life means for you, not everyone else.


Anxiety, Perfectionism, and Impostor Syndrome

Is perfectionism and anxiety robbing you of your ability to enjoy and be fully engaged in your life? Finally got your dream job, but don’t feel like you belong there?

If you constantly battle the internal need to be perfect or you struggle with accepting uncertainty, you are not alone. We will work to move in a direction where you use more positive self talk, acceptance and commitment, mindfulness techniques, while highlight your strengths and developing your confidence.


Life Transitions

The pandemic has forced many of us to make unexpected life transitions, leaving us to question what’s next.

Are you struggling to make sense of or adapt to new changes in your life?

Life is all about transitions and adjustments. Whether you are transitioning into or out of a new job, a new relationship, a new city, or a new stage of life, transitions are universal. In our sessions, you will learn to embrace new life transitions and find ways for them to thrive and get excited about what’s new.


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Terra's Other Specialities

In addition to the specialties listed above, I have experience working with high school students as they transition to college and helping college students as they navigate the struggles of perfectionism, identity, and social anxiety.  

My Approach

I integrate compassionate, humanistic, cognitive behavioral/ acceptance and commitment, solution-focused therapies to create a plan personalized to your mental health goals and needs. My approach to therapy is warm, encouraging, and collaborative. We will work together as a team to highlight your strengths, while focusing on self-awareness, problem solving and finding effective solutions. I have found that there are many complex factors that makeup everyone’s life and future goals. I believe these complex factors and unique life experiences paint a holistic picture of each client and aid in formulating an action plan that is right for them. We all experience times in our lives that shake the foundation of who we are. Some may see these experiences as setbacks, but I choose to see them as opportunities for growth. These experiences allow us to pause, self-reflect, adjust, or accept what is. If you feel anxious, confused, stagnant, stressed, or unsatisfied, then it may be time to make a change. Change doesn’t need to be drastic for it to be impactful. Sometimes change means gaining the knowledge and self-awareness around what we need to be happy, healthy, productive people.

More About Terra

I’m a Houston native and love calling Houston home! In my free time, you can find me spending time with family and friends, or at a dog park with my black lab named Blue. I’m a lifelong athlete and played volleyball throughout my four years in undergrad.

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History And Qualifications

My clients have described me as warm, compassionate, encouraging, and solution-focused, which I love to hear. I believe counseling relationships should be built on trust, empathy, and genuine interest from both the counselor and client to work together as a team. It is essential that we have a clear understanding of what you hope to gain or achieve as a result of seeking counseling. I am passionate about mental health access and education for young adults and people of color.  

Academic & Profesional History

I received my Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Texas A&M University – Commerce and Master of Education in Educational Psychology and Counselor Education form The University of Texas at Austin. I have been counseling since 2015.

Graduate Degree: The University of Texas at Austin - Commerce and Master of Education in Educational Psychology and Counselor Education

Counselor Affiliations: 

Undergraduate Degree: The University of Texas at Austin - Master of Education in Educational Psychology and Counselor Education

What Clients Are Saying

Career Transitions

I wanted to use counseling to help me get my bearings and figure out which direction I should take my career. Thanks to my therapist, I succeeded. Even though I’ve discontinued, I plan to go back and see her as I come to new and natural transitions in my career. I know her perspective will be helpful.

She always made me feel safe to be honest with her, and perhaps more importantly she pushed me to be honest with myself. As an anxious person, I was so grateful I met her because she would always give me a sober, realistic perspective to help me cut through the roadblocks I was throwing in my way.

She was instrumental in helping me discover what is actually important to me in a job, and to consider what my strengths were actually leading me toward. After seeing her, I have my first job where I’m not only truly succeeding, but genuinely happy as well.


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