Tips for Throwing a Substance-Free Halloween Party That’s Fun for Everyone

Tips For Throwing a Substance-Free Halloween Party That’s Fun for Everyone, Houston TXHalloween can be great fun, and it can be an especially wonderful holiday for parties. But, how do you throw a fun party when you are trying to avoid addictive and unhealthy behaviours? It can be done and today we are featuring a guest post from Caleb Anderson with some tips on throwing a fun, substance-free Halloween party.

Tips for Throwing a Substance-Free Halloween Party That’s Fun for Everyone

Red and yellow leaves and the smell of candied apples in the air means fall is here, and people are already planning parties for the spookiest holiday of the year. Everyone celebrates Halloween differently, and for those who are throwing a party, these activities can trigger painful and difficult memories. For those who have struggled with sobriety and are actively trying to avoid addictive and unhealthy behaviors, throwing a party might be the last thing you want to do. Parties can be reminiscent of times when you felt like you didn’t have control over your life, and the fear of falling back into destructive habits might keep you away from the festivities this Halloween, but this doesn’t have to be the case! Throwing your own Halloween party can be a healthy way to take control of your sobriety and reclaim your right to party! Here are a few tips to help you throw a fun, substance-free gathering that will absolutely wow all of your friends and family.

Whom Should You Invite?

One of the first tasks you should undertake when throwing a party is determining the guest list. The people you invite into your home can greatly affect the party’s dynamic. As a recovering addict, you need to pay particular attention to the people you invite. You want friends who are aware of your struggles and your goals. People who know that you are recovering from addiction will be more supportive toward helping you keep sober and have a safe, fun time. Even if aware of your recovery, understand that some friends still might not be fully supportive, whether they mean to or not. Some friends might actually enable you to fall back into bad habits. Invite people whose lifestyles match the lifestyle you are striving for. You might just find that some of your sober friends are the life of your party!

What To Do?

You may ask the question, “What do you actually do at a substance free party?” For those of us who have experienced college-culture, a party without drinking may seem like a foreign concept, but remember that not all parties rely on alcoholic beverages, and Halloween is a holiday enjoyed by all ages! Since you are throwing the party, you have control over what goes on in your home. For Halloween, a great starting place is a costume party! Seeing what your friends show up as can be hilariously entertaining as it is. If you do, be sure to take plenty of pics to remember who showed up and what they wore. Once all your friends arrive, you can break out the games. There are tons of themed games you can pull out for your Halloween party. A murder mystery or scavenger hunt are great group games to keep everyone involved. Some other spooky favorites include sharing ghost stories, or playing the mystery box game! These activities are sure to bring out the inner child and give you all thrills and chills of Halloweens past.

What About Refreshments?

Of course, when planning to entertain your guests, you will want to keep the party alcohol-free. Taking beer and cocktails off the menu might seem limiting for your party plans, but just because you are abstaining from drinking this holiday doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself! Prepping snacks and drinks to match the theme can add a nice touch to your Halloween party! Creep out your guest with some delicious finger foods, some of which are more fingery than others. There are also lots of great non-alcoholic punches and cider recipes available to wow and delight your friends. Having a variety of themed drinks and snacks will keep your guests in high spirits.

Throwing a Halloween bash doesn’t have to be a difficult affair for those in recovery. There are plenty of options to make a substance-free Halloween a night to remember. Keeping your guest list in mind, looking for great party games, and having holiday-themed drinks and snacks will enable you and all of your friends to have a great time.

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Caleb is with Recovery Hope. was started by Caleb and Molly Anderson. After Caleb was admitted to treatment for opiate addiction, Molly made it her mission to learn more about how to help him fight his battles and support him in his recovery. Together they now help other couples and individuals by providing research and resources regarding the many challenges of overcoming drug and alcohol addictions.

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