Job Search Tips: Top 10 Habits of Successful Job Seekers

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In any situation, it’s important to focus on what you have control over when you are feeling at the mercy of external forces, such as in a job search. Utilizing career counseling services can help you feel more in control and less alone. The following strategies can also help you gain control in your job search:


1. Have a clear focus and direction when you start your job search. Don’t just say you’re “open”. Think about hiring a contractor to build your home. Would you hire someone who was “open” to doing whatever you ask? Or would you rather hire someone who has training and qualifications in residential construction, particularly in the style of your home? If you need help finding direction, join our career coaching groups, take a career assessment test, or utilize our other career counseling services.


2. Seek help. Ask people close to you for support. Reach out to a career counselor or career coach, career coaching group, or job search support group to help you stay focused and on track towards your goals. In addition to career counseling services, there are also government programs, career and job search services through faith based organizations as well as career services through your university or educational institution. Don’t try to do the job search on your own! One of the most difficult parts of being in transition is being in isolation.


3. Leverage technology. Don’t just surf job listings, but research companies, industries, contacts, write about what you know, and utilize social media.


4. Differentiate yourself: focus on what makes you unique and get involved in your industry or profession.


5. Act with urgency and professionalism. Show up early, arrive prepared. Show yourself to be a person of action – the get it done person; being more responsive than other candidates.


6. Take care of yourself. The job search process can last for months to a year or more depending on the position you are seeking. Self-care can help you maintain mental and physical health along the way. Find ways to boost your confidence. Work with other people on your job search. Utilize career counseling services. Get rest, eat well, exercise. Stay healthy to maintain your energy. Stay in close touch with friends and family, maintain hobbies and activities.


7. Focus on tangible results and practical solutions. Include this on your resume, in your conversations, and in your interview. No fluff!


8. Identify growth industries. You may find opportunities doing a similar type of role or work in a different industry. Broaden your search. Don’t hold on to your old work identity due to fear or nostalgia. If you’re feeling stuck, utilize our career counseling services to help you move forward.


9. Network with people you know and whom THEY know. Develop a contact list of everyone you know personally and professionally. Most data indicates that close to 80% of jobs are found via networking and often were discovered through the person LEAST expected to be of assistance. Social media services such as LinkedIn can be useful for identifying people in your network, but don’t forget people such as your neighbor, your hairdresser, etc.


10. Take a related, temporary, contract, or internship position in the meantime. A bridge job helps you feel better about yourself, pay the bills, and establish structure and routine. You can still work towards finding your ideal position without the feeling of desperation or urgency.

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How can job seekers use the internet?

1. Google yourself to see what is online about you. A recent study indicated that 35% of recruiters had ruled out candidates based on what they had found in a google search.


2. Use social media sites to let others know how they can help you.


3. Register your own name as a domain name and create an online resume/bio.


4. Write a blog about a topic you are knowledgeable about and begin to establish yourself as an expert in a particular area.


Networking is a key aspect of finding a job. Here are some tips for job seekers who have never been in networking situations:

1. Remember that people want to help you, but not necessarily without you helping them. Don’t just ask others for assistance. Show how you are willing to help them as well.


2. Great networkers are great listeners not necessarily great talkers or schmoozers.


3. Networking is about asking for help, advice, input and contacts and offering the same in return.


4. The basic formula goes: MEET, ASK, LISTEN, LEARN, ACT, THANK


5. Be persistent, not desperate. Don’t act like a job seeker, act like a solution provider. Shift your focus from being an applicant to a consultant or expert.


6. Many job search support groups offer structured networking to allow job seekers to help each other. Check your local area for services. Click here for Houston Job Search Resources.


There are many opportunities available out there. The most important thing is to focus on what you do best, believe in yourself, be open to new possibilities and you WILL get to a more rewarding place in your career. Don’t face this alone, get help finding focus and direction through our career coaching groups or work with a career counselor individually.


Want more help with your career?  

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