Can I get help for my child through online therapy?

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YES! We have several effective types of therapy for working with children with behavioral health or mental health issues, even young children under the age of 10 through web therapy.

For young children, we typically meet with the parent first in a live chat session. In subsequent online child therapy sessions the family therapist may guide the parent through effective interactions with their child through parent-child play therapy.

This helps parents learn how to effectively guide and interact with their child at home. Prior to the session, the licensed therapist may discuss specific toys to have available at home during the video session.

Below are some testimonials from parents actively participating in the video chatting therapy platform rather than traditional counseling.

“The online sessions are going very well. We like that our therapist is watching us interact and providing therapy in our son’s environment. We think online therapy is actually better because our son is at home and in his environment, and Shannon can better see what’s going on.

She is able to give on the spot tools on what we can do to support him. For example, on our last session towards the end, my son presented with behavior that would normally only happen at home with us.

Shannon was able to see the behavior as it happened. She was able to walk me through it and tell me how to best manage the situation. It was great! I wouldn’t have had this help if we would have been in the office.”

– Virtual Child Therapy


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