How do I get rid of anxiety?

This absolutely depends on who you are and the inner workings of your anxiety. You may never be “rid” of it, but you can learn to work with and control it.

Nevertheless, anxiety is a very natural occurrence, even if it can be a debilitating one. Before we lived in houses in neighborhoods with grocery stores down the street, anxiety is what kept us alert and alive. Currently, that use is not as handy for some of us as it once was.

Your brain believes your anxiety disorder is as loud and aggressive as it is because it needs to keep you alive. Getting rid of it may not be an option, but cultivating to become something that works for you rather than against you is always an option. Though it is an option greatly involved in learning to cope with it and it’s challenges.


Clara Jennison
Clara has been writing for Eddins Counseling Group since 2020. She is a writer, editor, and researcher.

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