How do I calm anxiety?

If you have ever asked anyone this question you have probably gotten a myriad of answers sourced from their own experience. That will be no different here. What works for one person is not going to work for everyone.

Nevertheless, here are a few strategies that we know have worked for someone and today, that might include you.

  • First, we recommend taking a few deep breathes and checking back into your body, feeling the texture of your hands and the pressure of your seat or feet on the floor.
  • You can also try the 3-3-3 trick (or whatever number works for you). This is where you focus on three things you can see, three things you can hear, and three parts of your body you can feel.
  • Perhaps you can speak to someone you love and trust that will understand you and your concerns. Get their opinion on the situation.
  • Try to put down anything that could potentially make you feel worse or more anxious. For example, avoid caffeine and alcohol, put down your phone, and get some fresh air.
  • Take part in activities that soothe you. Go for a walk, partake in some crafts, or anything you like, but do something. This may help redirect your thoughts.
  • Remember to care for yourself. Eat something. Drink some water. You could also try some mindfulness exercises.
  • You may need to release these thoughts from your mind. You could write your concerns down and look for some resolution there. Perhaps you could challenge these anxious thoughts on the page for there is no harm in trying.
Clara Jennison
Clara has been writing for Eddins Counseling Group since 2020. She is a writer, editor, and researcher.

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