I teleconference for work and don’t have the bandwidth for more computer time.

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Do walk and talk phone therapy. You can use your phone, get outside and go for a walk or at least be in nature. By doing a chatting session on the phone with a headset, you can free yourself up to move your body. Or at least get outside and stretch.

Movement helps you to get unstuck and it releases feel-good hormones in your body.

A benefit of online therapy is combining physical movement with emotional processing facilitates openness, creativity, and those wonderful ‘aha’ moments. Have you ever taken a walk and suddenly found your head clear? Or perhaps even come up with an idea or a solution to a problem you had been stewing over?

For some people doing walk and talk therapy instead of sitting can facilitate greater progress in therapy. Walking phone therapy supports healthy coping outlets for anxiety, trauma, and depression.

For ADHD coaching, it is actually preferred to be able to stand up, and move your body to release excess energy and clear your mind. This helps with executive functioning skills such as focus while also facilitating relaxation.


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