I’m concerned about privacy….

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It’s understandable to be concerned about privacy and confidentiality. Especially in the event you are scheduling a session when you are in the same vicinity as others. Here are some strategies to keep your session private:

Use a headset. Rather than using your phone or computer’s speakers, connect a headset via bluetooth to your phone or computer (or just plug it in). This will keep the sound in your ears only.

Use whitenoise to add soundproofing in your area. Put the whitenoise outside of the room you will be in for your session.

You can use a whitenoise app if you don’t have a machine. You can ask an amazon alexa or google home device to “play white noise”. Or you can play soft music in the room nearest to you. A baby whitenoise machine works great too! Just put it right outside your door to muffle the sound.

Go outside or in your car. If you are in small quarters, you may want to step outside on a patio, in a park, or even find a quiet space in your car. And getting outside is great for your mental health too!


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