What about counseling services for my teen online?

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Web therapy can be very effective for teens like traditional therapy. And with the typical busy schedule, live chat sessions can ensure your teen gets the consistent help from a professional counselor that they need to make progress towards their treatment goals.

Adolescents and young adults may feel freer to express themselves to a licensed therapist in the comfort of their homes. They tend to enjoy working online with their counselor in this therapy platform with video chatting sessions because it’s such a familiar communication method for them.

Their family therapist will get to see them in their everyday environment, providing a layer of perspective they would not otherwise have. The therapists are licensed to help teens identify specific items in their environment that can be incorporated into coping strategies.

For teens and older children, having access to art supplies at home can be helpful. Additionally, teens might find support through virtual teen skills groups.

Teens might also benefit from talking therapy because it allows them to get “unstuck”.


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