What mental health services are available online?

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Most types of therapy and mental health care treatments available through traditional face to face counseling are also available as online therapy programs. Our licensed therapists are also trained in specific interventions designed to be effective in video counseling.

Initially, we began online therapy needed in the wake of natural disasters and multiple effective interventions were developed to assist with a wide variety of behavioral health concerns.

Whether you are recovering from infidelity, battling an eating disorder, bipolar disorder, or seeking therapy for depression/anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, and self-esteem issues. Boundary issues, anger management, panic disorder, or working your way through a tough transition, we have someone who can help. You can choose to work with a CBT therapist online, a marriage and family therapist or even parent-child online therapy.

Consequently, if you would like to see a full list of our specializations and services, please click here . You can seek counseling for any of our service areas via online therapy.


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