Why virtual therapy rather than traditional counseling?

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Why might you choose video counseling? We understand that life can get in the way of self-care. We wanted to make sure that there was one less obstacle for our clients to overcome.

Online therapy platforms are incredibly convenient. A couple of benefits of online counseling include eliminating the hassle of taking off from work, finding a sitter for the kids, navigating traffic, fighting bad weather, spending money on gas, or simply finding the motivation to go.

Plus, wait times are shorter, there’s greater anonymity, and you have greater flexibility in scheduling—including Sundays and evening hours.

And if you live in a rural area or have a hard time finding an excellent licensed therapist who can offer the specialized mental health care services you need, online sessions are the perfect resource. By eliminating all of those distractions and deterrents, you can finally concentrate on taking care of yourself without stressing about it.


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