When Grief Won’t Let Go, Grief Counseling Can Pull You Through

the bad side of a woman with her head down griveingIn 2015, more than 23,000 people died in the city of Houston alone – leaving a vastly greater number of people grieving their loss. While it isn’t the only cause of grief, death is the chief one.

The more significant the loss – someone especially close to you – the more intense the grief will likely be. Some feelings of grief are so strong; they won’t go away.

This is when grief counseling can really help.

If you have become so disabled by your loss that your ability to cope is non-existent, it’s time to consider grief counseling to facilitate the continuation of the normal grieving process.

What Is the “Normal” Grieving Process?

To put it simply: whatever is normal for you.

Grief is complicated. And each person grieves in their own individual way, in their own time. There is no “normal” timetable for how long it should take. For some people, the grieving process lasts only a few weeks or months. For others, it occurs over and over for many years. Healing happens gradually. You can’t force it or hurry it. The process has to unfold naturally.

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Everybody is different. Everyone has their individual personalities, qualities, emotions, beliefs, and state of mind. Some are more emotional when grieving, others more stoic. There are five identified stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. But you don’t have to go through them all to heal, neither do you have to experience them in consecutive order.

One of the most difficult aspects of grief is having to adjust to living without our loved one. It requires adjusting to a new reality, adopting a new identity, and envisioning a new future. Often, people who resist grieving do so because they don’t want to face this challenge. However, repressing your grief and not allowing yourself to go through your personal grieving process can be harmful emotionally, mentally, and physically.

How Can Grief Counseling Help Pull You Through?

A good support system is vital to help you deal with a great loss like the death of a loved one. Whether it’s family, friends, or a grief counselor, you need to express your feelings to someone.

If your grief is so strong and unrelenting that it won’t let go or it keeps getting worse with time, you need to go beyond the help of family and friends. You need a competent grief counselor in Houston who can help you work through the intense emotions and heal.

Grief counseling takes into account that each experience of grief is personal, unique, and complex. A grief counselor can tailor your treatment to your specific needs and circumstances. They will help you to face the overwhelming feelings of sadness and loss so you can fully grieve.

Grief counseling aims to help you accept the reality of the loss, work through the pain of your grief, and adapt to a new way of life, cultivating new connections. This involves talking about the deceased, dwelling on the circumstances of their death, and experiencing sadness and anger.

It also includes helping you to de-traumatize the memories you may have surrounding their death, such as how they died or the moment you were told. It will guide you toward letting go of the guilt you may feel about having said or not said something. And you will learn to see that letting go of all the pain doesn’t mean you’ll forget your loved one. To the contrary, grief counseling can really help you pull through the darkest time in your life. Then, you can truly honor their memory by living your own life to the full.

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Rachel Eddins, M.Ed., LPC-S, CGP
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