Yassmin Eldouh eating disorder and addictions therapist houstonOnline Adult and Teen Therapist

The world can be a scary, lonely, and intimidating place.  Especially if you’re trying to do it all by yourself.  One can only go so far before they reach a breaking point. You deserve to have someone help you figure it out.

If you’re struggling with obsessive thoughts you can’t ignore, I can help you. If you’re feeling nervous, anxious, and restless, we can work together to ease some of that pain. If you feel that drugs, alcohol, or food have taken control of your life, we can help loosen some of that control. If you are struggling with spirituality, a conflict of cultures, or your identity, I can help you figure out what makes you unique and help you navigate the stresses of conflicting cultures. If you’re struggling with self-hatred, body image issues, and loneliness, I can help you find your inner strength.

I am multi-ethnic and bilingual in Arabic and English.  Growing up with several different cultures allowed me to understand both the beauty and the struggle of finding your identity in this diverse country.  I have also dealt with my fair share of life’s hurdles, so I can say from both a client and a counselor’s perspective that good therapy really works. It just takes an individualized blend of good skills and a great therapeutic relationship.

It would be an honor to assist you in your path, and I take this responsibility very seriously. I mainly use cognitive-behavioral therapy in my sessions, though I draw inspiration from multicultural and feminist theories, solution-focused theories, and mindfulness based treatment modalities. I also enjoy using activity therapy such as art therapy if that’s something you believe will help you.

with Houston therapist, Yassmin Eldouh.

Yassmin is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor- Intern and a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern. She graduated with a Master in Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of North Texas.  Yassmin has previously worked at a dual-diagnosis residential treatment center, and eating disorder treatment center, and a domestic violence shelter.  She has worked with a variety of concerns including eating disorders, substance use disorders, depression and bipolar disorder, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder, personality disorders, and spirituality and multicultural issues. She enjoys using mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy with her clients. Yassmin works with adolescents, adults, and multicultural populations. She counsels in both English and Arabic. Yassmin is supervised by Rachel Eddins.