Beyond Emotional Eating Program

Move Beyond Emotional Eating and Reclaim Your Power Over Food 

Discover Empowered Eating – The New Path for Making Peace With Food and Ending the Cycle of Overeating, Binging, and Craving

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are you tired of emotional eating or yo-yo dieting?

  • Are you tired of feeling powerless over food? You might even feel like you have other areas of your life “together”, yet you can’t seem to get it together around food. 
  • Have you gained weight from eating to cope with stress, overwhelm, boredom, to give yourself a break or even to procrastinate?
  • Or perhaps your relationship with food has replaced connections with others and left you feeling depleted, vulnerable or lonely. 
  • Has food become a primary source of pleasure, fun and relaxation?
  • Are you tired of spending money on the latest fad diet or quick fix only to find yourself gaining more weight and feeling stuck? 

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Discover empowered eating

Many people try new “diet” programs, cleanses, “clean eating,” food restrictions, punishing exercise, or creating food rules to “control” their relationship with food.Others shame themselves for the choices they are currently making (I should have).

Unfortunately for most, this leads to increased cravings and urges to overeat.

Physically and psychologically the body feels “deprived” and wants more and more – even if you are eating what you want and simply mentally punishing yourself!

This is why the statistics on weight gain after dieting is at 80-90%.

Additionally, actual food restriction leads to a reduction in metabolism and an increase in appetite, which is why others gain more weight than what was lost. Not to mention that yo-yo dieting stresses the heart and is dangerous for long-term health.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

You can learn how to be in charge of your relationship with food, feel confident about yourself and increase connection with others and satisfaction in your life.

An Ideal Client for this Program is a Woman Who:

  • Has a history of dieting only to regain the lost weight
  • Feels out of control around food, and overeats or binges, especially in the afternoon or evenings
  • Grazes or eats when not hungry
  • Feels compelled to eat comfort foods
  • Feels successful in other areas in her life, but not around food
  • Thinks about food often, anticipating the next eating occasion
  • Has food as their primary source of pleasure and fun
  • Finds food to be comforting, soothing, and a reliable way to calm or relax when feeling tired, stressed, overwhelmed, or other unpleasant emotions
  • Feels sad, ashamed, and guilty about her weight
  • Is tired of living her life struggling against food and her body

Beyond Emotional Eating Program

This course is designed to go deep and jump start transformation in the way you approach food, eating, and your body.

We will be using a curriculum called Root of Hunger TM for teaching skills to discover the root of your emotional hunger and get what you really need, so that the urges to eat are naturally reduced and you are no longer at the mercy of food cravings and emotion-driven eating.

It’s a flexible, gentle approach that develops each woman’s inner wisdom to know what is uniquely right for them.

This is an 8 week virtual course. Every week you will receive a “lesson” which includes awareness practices.

After the 8 weeks of the course, there will be a live monthly follow up session to provide support and reinforce skills learned.

“If you have struggled with self-care or your eating habits and find eating is triggered by your emotional state or eating triggers your emotions, you need to be a part of this group. We are too complex to go it alone and this class helps teach tools to be mindful, introspective and in touch with your needs. It also teaches how to find ways of meeting your needs without food and to enjoy food for what it is.” – Participant

Why should you consider the course?


A virtual group provides a similar interactive experience, recordings for those who cannot make every session, and the ability to interact more anonymously by voice, without worry about being judged by others.

At the completion of the program, our goal is that you will no longer feel controlled and undermined by emotional eating. You will no longer need to fight against your body and appetite, and will be in charge of food rather than food being in charge of you.

  • You will have awareness and understanding of the unique drivers of your emotional eating, and will have tools to manage emotions and provide self soothing that are more effective and rewarding than eating.
  • You will be able to tap into your own inner wisdom as to what and when to eat so that you no longer need external rules and restrictions.
  • You will have learned how to decode the messages and meaning in your emotions to reconnect with your life purpose and find deeper pleasure in living.

InvestmentGroup price is $497. Limited Space Available.

Start date: TBA

End the struggle and discover EMPOWERED EATING

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Course is delivered in weekly modules.

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Online Course

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About the facilitator

This program is led by Rachel Eddins and Lisa Newman. We are Emotional Eating Coaches who have worked for over 15 years helping women change their relationship with food. We are real women who know and understand the feelings of shame that can limit you and hold you back. And we’ve seen the powerful healing impact of group and knowing that you are not alone. We have designed this program to help women reclaim their power over food and stay on toward long term success with personal and health goals.

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What participants have said after completing this course:

“I have found my voice.”

“Fantastic content and subject matter.”

“Because of this course, I am kinder to myself.”

“I am now able to identify when I am eating as a way of avoiding feelings. I am able to identify those feelings, which is incredibly helpful.”

“I have discovered pleasure. I now stop to take a deep breath and realize that I eat in a hurry with very little consideration or enjoyment.”

“I think more before I eat. Instead of trying for perfect, I aim for good enough. I realize now that some of my negative thoughts are not based in reality.”

“I have gained more body acceptance.”

“I am more in touch with my body and what it needs – not just my mouth hunger, not just the well developed pathways that trigger cravings. I feel empowered to feed my body in a way that exemplifies self-care and am able to accept and enjoy foods that would previously trigger feelings of guilt.”


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