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Online therapy makes counseling services available in a comfortable setting convenient to your location and schedule.

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Image of the Tamp, FL skyline. No matter if you are in Miami, St. Petersburg, in rural Florida, or Tampa our online therapy is for you. Start meeting with an online therapist in Florida for your anxiety, depression, or an mental health support. Contact us today to start virtual counseling in Florida. Call today!

Online Therapy in Florida

When people think of Florida, they think of endless summer and beaches and blissful days that go on forever. But anyone who lives there will tell you a different story. In the land of vacations and sunshine, there is intense heat, even more intense traffic, and a season that never changes. 

The growth happening around us is almost stifling and it’s getting harder and harder to keep up. 

If you live in a rural part of Florida, which is a reality, you have to travel incredibly lengthy, straight distances to get anywhere. So, in either setting, if you have been looking for online therapy services, you’ve come to the right place. 

You want to start counseling, but that’s not as easy as it sounds. Perhaps you live in South Florida or near Tampa, FL and the thought of sitting on I-95 or I-4 to get to your one little counseling appointment sounds like torture. 

Online Therapy is what you’ve been waiting for…

We understand that you are looking for high-quality, specialized counseling services. However, you also need therapy that fits into your lifestyle. Our therapists understand. Virtual counseling services at Eddins Counseling Group can answer your call. 

Not only are our online therapists skilled and compassionate, but they are also specialized in areas like Teen Counseling, Career Counseling, Anxiety Treatment, and Depression Treatment.  Through the use of a secure video chat, we are able to offer you effective mental health services without the hassle of coming into a counseling office. 

Benefits of Online Therapy in Florida

Image of a beach in Tampa, FL 33626. Our online therapist in Tamp, FL can help you with virtual counseling. Whether you are in St.Petersburg, Tampa, Orlando or anywhere in Florida we can help with online therapy. Call today to get started!

Our state has one of the fastest-growing populations in the country. And that means that we have the fastest-growing amount of traffic, too. Whether you are out on a farm, around Tampa, in the middle of another city, or somewhere in between, it’s hard to argue that heading out to an office is easier to fit into your day. Rather than pulling out your device and starting a call with an online therapist

Especially if you are someone dealing with any form of anxiety or panic disorder that makes going into a new space difficult. Online therapy sessions can happen in whatever setting you are comfortable with.

Here are some other benefits of virtual counseling include:

  • Online therapy is convenient 
  • Virtual counseling is effective
  • Online therapy offers access to skilled care no matter where you are in Florida
  • Virtual counseling is extremely easy to use
  • Online therapy is flexible and able to meet your scheduling needs
  • Virtual counseling in no way jeopardizes your privacy

You Never Have To Commute Again

One thing the pandemic brought us was the remote access to almost anything. Mental health services are more accessible than ever before. Think about what you could do with all of that time!

Online Therapy Featuring DBT in Florida

Even when you feel that there is nowhere else to turn, you still have DBT or Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Originally developed for chronically suicidal patients, DBT has become a staple therapy option for people facing PTSD, substance dependence, eating disorders, and depression. 

A common theme of DBT therapy is centered around accepting where you are. While understanding there is a need to change. There are four components of DBT, which you can read about here

Teen Counseling via Online Therapy

A view of St. Petersburg, FL skyline over the water. Our online therapist can help you with whatever you are struggling with. With virtual counseling you can get therapy right at home without commuting in Florida traffic. Call to start online therapy in Tampa, FL 33556..

Young people are walking into a hard world. We have never been more connected, sure, but we have also never been more overweight, medicated, and stressed-out than ever before. Allow your loved ones to get the jump on their mental health. Letting them learn how to cope with the struggles of adulthood before having to encounter them.

And for those of you with teens struggling with their mental health now, we have online therapists specialized and ready to meet your teen where they stand today. 

Couples Counseling, Even Online

Does it feel like you and your partner have lost your spark? It might even feel like there is no hope of finding it again. 

We are here to tell you that there is hope. Whether you are newly together or have been cruising for years, couples therapy can bridge the gap. Creating a new couple, ready to meet the challenges of life together, hand-in-hand. 

Is Online Therapy Effective?

Absolutely. The National Center for Health Research reported that a 2018 meta-analysis (combined results of multiple studies) found virtual counseling sessions to be just as effective as in-person sessions. Though it may not be effective in every situation for every person ever. The truth is nothing is, but online therapy is certainly worth a shot. 

Begin Online Therapy in Florida with Eddins Counseling Group

Whether you are searching for online therapy in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, or anywhere else in Florida Eddins Counseling Group is here to support you. Our online therapists provide many different virtual counseling services to meet your needs. To begin follow these steps.

  1. Contact us to speak with someone at Eddins Counseling Group
  2. Get set up for your first appointment with one of our online therapists
  3. Start supporting your mental health from the comfort of your home

Service We Offer in Tampa or anywhere in Florida

At Eddins Counseling Group we offer a lot of services to meet you where you are. We provide therapy for young adults, teens, and women. Additionally, our online therapists specialize in anxiety treatment, depression treatment, and chronic illness counseling. As well as LGBTQIA+ therapy, self-esteem counseling, and more! Contact us today to get started!

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