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For kids, teens, adults and parents.

We offer a variety of therapy, DBT skills and support groups in Houston, Texas. Groups are a way to learn new skills and lessen the sense of isolation as you support others with similar experiences as your own. Learn more below.

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Therapy, Support Groups, Workshops and Community Presentations In Houston

You also learn about yourself from one another

As you hear others share their experiences and explore new possibilities, it can trigger your own ah-ha! Many participants find that the group experience facilitates deeper growth by learning and connecting with others.

If you don’t see a group listed here that meets your needs, please check with us, we may be able to offer the group. Most groups start on a particular date, click on the links below to find out more.

Therapy groups tend to be ongoing and participants can start at any time.

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Other Webinars & Workshops

We also offer a free monthly webinar/workshop on a mental health topic to bring you a variety of mental health skills.

  • Learn more and register for our upcoming “Focus on Wellness” Webinars. 

We are also available to present on emotional, self-help or career topics for your group or organization.

Therapy & Support Groups, Workshops:

Parent of Teen DBT Group

DBT Skills for Parents of Teens

This group is for Parents and/or caregivers who are living with teens with emotional dis-regulation and need help learning skills to respond effectively to their teen, and help their teen regulate their emotions, mood swings, self-harm, and anger outbursts.

Online DBT skills group

DBT Therapy Group

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Group was developed to help with out of control emotions. If you’re feeling stuck in emotional suffering, a DBT therapy group can be helpful for you. In the group, you will learn a series of skills to help you cope with difficult emotions and live a better life.

Eating Disorder Therapy Group

Eating Disorder Therapy Group

This eating disorder process group provides support for adults currently in recovery from an eating disorder. Participants receive strength, hope, and support from one another in developing new coping skills, beliefs and behaviors.

make peace with food group program

Make Peace With Food Group Program

Do You Find Yourself Thinking, “Why Can’t I Stop Eating?” Are You Tired of Compulsive Eating? You can break free from out of control eating and weight obsession to find meaning and joy in your life. It’s time to take back your life!

middle school dbt group

Middle School DBT Group

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Middle School Therapy Group

Middle school students begin the responsibility of making personal decisions that will impact their lives. Research shows that group counseling during this critical period increases a child’s social and academic competence, and helps them develop coping skills to use for all life’s challenges.

Teen DBT Therapy group

Teen DBT Skills Group

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Skills Groups for High Schoolers. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a skills-based approach that teaches cognitive techniques to help your teen make healthy and effective choices to create a life they will love and be proud of.

trauma therapy group for teens and adolescents

Trauma & Grief Processing Group For Adolescents

Trauma & Grief Processing Group For Adolescents Your child has faced things others would find unimaginable and ever since, it seems like things have never been so…