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Life is hard, but it doesn’t have to be this hard. What is it that you want? Better relationships or a more fulfilling career? Happier children? Maybe, you’d just like to feel better or live a fuller life. It’s possible. Make an appointment today.

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We’re dedicated to providing relief for our clients, but more importantly, we provide counseling that goes to the root to create lasting positive change.

Our team of therapists, marriage and career counselors, and mental health professionals are here to help you create a life worth living.

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Searching for someone who "gets you" usually means dozens of calls and lots of research. We take that pressure off your plate. When you call or book a free consult, our Client Care Specialist will take the time to understand your concerns and preferences. Then, we match you with the best therapist, counselor, or mental health professional for your needs.

Research shows that counseling works when clients are matched with the right-fit therapist.

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A counselor can offer practical assistance, support, compassion, a different perspective, new strategies and coping skills so you can make deep and lasting changes in your life.

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Like a resilient tree with strong roots, we have the ability to stand tall and make the best of whatever life throws at us. Regardless of your life situation or experiences, you were born with unique potential and the capacity to grow, heal and change. While that may seem far-fetched if you’ve been stuck, stressed, or in pain for a long time, we believe that you are worthy and capable of living a life that you love. Together, we can harness what’s already inside you and develop tools for resilience, growth, and deep self-acceptance. Reach out today – let us help you find relief, feel better and live your life with more ease, confidence and courage. 

-Rachel Eddins

Therapist and Founder


Genuine & Effective

Steven has been helpful on multiple levels including relationships and career, and a big life change. I feel like he has the same mentality when it comes to interfacing with the world and I think he is genuine, which makes the therapy extremely effective.

Breath of Fresh Air

Becky was an absolutely delight, a breath of fresh air because you can tell she truly cares. She’s a great listener and was very helpful. I would without a doubt recommend her.

Great Conversation Starter

Sessions are going very well with Ametis. I like her ability to create a comfortable and open environment. She is a great conversation starter, and it’s easy to express ourselves about anything. Ametis is very welcoming and a great listener.

Eating Disordered Recovered Client

Thank you for walking with me through some of the most challenging and sometimes dark days of my life. In the beginning, our sessions felt like a life line, a safe harbor, a place to be myself. Soon, I began to feel like a kid on a training bike, and now I feel like I’m riding on my own. It’s really scary sometimes, but its okay. and somedays I feel the sense of freedom I’ve been longing for – right where I am. Thank you Rachel for your listening and your patience. Thank you for your questions and your guidance. I’m truly grateful.

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Each therapist has an area of specialization from which they practice. There are many reasons for this, but the most important reason is that when you work with a therapist who specializes, you receive a higher quality of care, quicker results, and someone who understands your unique issues. Our find a therapist page has a filter you can use to narrow down your needs and preferences. Find someone you resonate with - then call or book your first appointment online.

image of Lauren Hermann

Lauren Hermann

I specialize in helping clients navigate career changes and life transitions, including coping with the uncertainty, anxiety, depression, grief,…

image of Tiara Runyon

Tiara Runyon

Tiara offers a collaborative approach, fit to suit your individual needs. Her experience includes working with those facing life transitions and…

image of Diana Cabrera-Stewart

Diana Cabrera-Stewart

Diana’s specialty areas include working with mothers at any stage in their journey, as well as working with clients for whom race, culture, ethn…

image of Kathy Crumpler

Kathy Crumpler

It’s time for you to put yourself first. Kathy specializes in trauma, anxiety, and depression and is here to help individuals and couples.