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You can have a healthy, effortless relationship with food. Our counselors can show you how.

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Find and sustain love, improve communication and deepen your connection.

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Our career counselors can help you find direction, ease, and deep satisfaction in your work.

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Build confidence and find contentment while managing anxiety, stress, and depression.

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Our Therapists in Houston, TX Can Help You Find Relief

A Therapist, Career Counselor or Couples & Marriage Counselor Can Help You Create Lasting Change & Enjoy Life Again

When you’ve been stuck, stressed, or in pain for a long time, a better life, career, or relationship may seem far away. You might think that others seem to have it figured out, why can’t you? At Eddins Counseling Group our goal is to help you feel hopeful and empowered again. We believe that you are worthy and capable of living a life that you love.

We’re dedicated to providing relief for our clients, but more importantly, we provide counseling that goes to the root to create lasting positive change. Just like the most resilient trees have strong roots, the most resilient people have healthy root beliefs, inner stories, and resources that help them stand tall through any storm. You have strong places inside of you already. Our therapists help you harness those resources for resilience, growth, and deep self-acceptance.

It is possible to withstand Life’s inevitable storms. There will continue to be times where you’ll feel out of control, disconnected, stuck, or stagnant. Working with one of our Houston therapists, marriage counselors, or career counselors, we’ll help you identify and overcome patterns/beliefs that aren’t serving you so that you can:

  • feel more freedom (and more compassion with yourself) around food issues,
  • create strong relationships with friends, family, co-workers, and your partner,
  • experience relief from anxiety, worry, or depression
  • overcome the impact of trauma
  • find a career that’s more meaningful,
  • experience emotional growth and transformation,
  • and live your whole life with more ease, confidence, and courage.

Our Therapists Are Specialists

Each counselor has an area of specialization from which they practice. There are many reasons for this, but the most important reason is that when you work with a therapist who specializes, you receive a higher quality of care, quicker results, and someone who understands your unique issues. Having a good fit is important. When you give us a call, we will find out about your needs and match you with the therapist(s) who specialize in your area of concern. We sincerely care about your well-being and want the process to be easy for you.

Therapy Tailored to You

When you call and speak with one of our Client Care Coordinators, we will help you find a match with the therapist who is best suited to your needs and therapeutic goals. Our goal is to ensure that you are not only matched with a specialist but also with someone whose style and treatment approach fits your needs. Research shows that counseling works when clients are matched with the right-fit therapist.

Don’t just feel better, feel GOOD! Schedule your counseling appointment today.

Give us a call at 832-559-2622 to find out more about how we can help. Our Care Coordinators will match you with the best fit therapist for your needs. If you’re ready to get started with counseling services right away, click here to schedule an appointment with a therapist in Houston, TX at our Montrose, Heights, or Sugar Land counseling office locations. We look forward to working with you!

Online/Video Telehealth Therapy Also Available for Texas, Indiana, Illinois, Florida, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Utah & South Carolina residents.

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What Clients Are Saying

Life Changing

Absolutely life changing! Katie is amazing and I’m so happy to be working with her! I’ve told all my friends about her!

Changed My Life

I am pretty sure I picked the perfect person in the universe to be working with. By the 2nd session she had identified something that had been hidden inside me and it has changed my entire life.

Space to Heal

My therapist is so empathetic and an excellent listener. I feel comfortable talking to her and truly look forward to our sessions. I am very pleased. Emotions that were once overwhelming and difficult to regulate are now easier to sit through without negatively impacting my mood and behaviors. It is also beneficial to have someone I can talk to who is unrelated to the trauma and will validate and give me a space to get it out.

Empathetic & Understanding

Joan is very empathetic and understanding and is someone who shows a lot of compassion for her clients. She helped me learn a lot about myself through the advanced Myers Briggs personality assessment and explained things in a clear and concise manner. She is also someone who has “skin in the game” when it comes to career counseling, having transitioned from one career into another entirely.

Genuine Interest

I feel she is a part of my family since she shows genuine interest in how they impact my therapy, and she helps me put things into proper prospective. I trust her completely.

In My Corner

Steve’s ability to listen and process my feelings without judgement makes me feel like he’s always in my corner.

Excellent Listener

Diana is an excellent listener, she really helps me work through the issues I face and provides a lot of excellent coping tools/ideas.

Spot On

I am very pleased. Greta is very understanding, and perfect for me. I am very comfortable with her, because she is so easy to talk to. Greta always remembers our conversations and is on spot with what I need. After the 2nd session I was hooked.

Pleasant & Warm

Jenet is great. She is very pleasant, a great listener, and warm. I feel when I leave it is always with a plan for the next step, and that is very important for me.

Great Conversation Starter

Sessions are going very well with Ametis. I like her ability to create a comfortable and open environment. She is a great conversation starter, and it’s easy to express ourselves about anything. Ametis is very welcoming and a great listener.


Sarah, I love her. EMDR has made a tremendous difference in my life. She is very easy to relate to. I appreciate that she validates me. That’s important. Sarah is the youngest therapist I have seen and she is perfect.

Unbiased Opinion

My therapist is great. She is definitely the unbiased opinion we needed, and can see improvement in our relationship.

Sound Advice

My therapist is awesome. She is a great listener. She gives sound advice and has a great personality. She increased my ability to conceptualize my feelings, and increased positive outlook on life overall.

Great Prospective

Steven has been great. We have very productive sessions. He is a great listener and has brought things to light that I never was aware of. He has a good perspective and is very easy going. I am learning a lot about myself thanks to him.

A Joy

I love, love, love Joan! She did a really great job explaining the process step by step. The personality profile was incredibly helpful and insightful. I really enjoyed working with her.

Easy to Connect With

Holly is easy to connect with, and offers action suggestions over just talking.

Genuine & Effective

Steven has been helpful on multiple levels including relationships and career, and a big life change. I feel like he has the same mentality when it comes to interfacing with the world and I think he is genuine, which makes the therapy extremely effective.

Difference Maker

Greta was great. We like her a lot. Our session was very productive and made a huge difference.

Gift for Understanding

I had a great experience working with Greta Bellinger. She has a real gift for understanding intimate relationships and helping them to heal and develop into something amazing.

Great Awareness

I think having someone listen to me – non judgmentally and let me go through things on mind is of number one importance. Second, she (Alex) is present and seems to have a good awareness of when to reach in and ask questions and when to let the information just flow.

Present & Empathetic

I think that Alex is very present with you, and she seems to modify her approach over time after more pieces come together about what I need to get off my chest and go over. It is obvious that she is an empathetic person and wants to be there for you.

Intuitive, Focused, Caring

Andrew is just amazing. He is extremely professional, a great listener and bright spot in my life. He is intuitive, focused and extremely caring. He made me feel comfortable immediately. He is non-judgmental and the kind of person/therapist who you feel you can talk about anything with.

Thoughtful & Insightful

I have known Andrew for 5 years and I have seen, first hand, the level of care, effort, and dedication, he brings to every counseling session. I highly recommend him to anyone. He embodies what a good therapist should be and will do his best to help anyone who crosses his path. He is thoughtful, insightful, and most importantly, he listens and values honest and authentic connection with others.

Clear Expectations

I appreciated that Steven explain how everything is going to go and clearly set up expectations. – marriage counseling


Sarah has a similar background, which makes her easy to talk to about my issues, since she can relate. I am managing my anxiety better and I feel like I’m letting go of some emotional baggage.

Warm & Compassionate

Vanessa is warm and compassionate and always available whenever we reach out to her.

Understanding & Supportive

I have been seeing Kristen Gallien for a few months and she is wonderful! She makes me feel heard and understood and has been a wonderful support! I’m so grateful I found her! KG

S.W., anxiety, relationship issues

My therapy experience was incredible. From the moment I started working with Joan, I was impressed with her skills in pointing out behavior patterns and gently suggesting alternate forms of communication. My relationship is now out of the ICU and is now stable and I am much less anxious and depressed.

K.D., depression, anxiety

Rachel made me feel like I had someone on my side, which I needed so badly. I can’t express how much better that made me feel.

Eating Disordered Recovered Client

Thank you for walking with me through some of the most challenging and sometimes dark days of my life. In the beginning, our sessions felt like a life line, a safe harbor, a place to be myself. Soon, I began to feel like a kid on a training bike, and now I feel like I’m riding on my own. It’s really scary sometimes, but its okay. and somedays I feel the sense of freedom I’ve been longing for – right where I am. Thank you Rachel for your listening and your patience. Thank you for your questions and your guidance. I’m truly grateful.

L.T., self confidence, career change

Thanks to Joan, I am on a road of healing and growth after several years of post-college flailing.  Her incredible empathy, insight, candidness, and easy manner helped me learn from my past to discover my goals for the future.  She has supported me in many ways, from overcoming shame to developing action plans for change.  I am moving forward, both personally and professionally, with confidence and hope.  I am so very thankful for her!

Relationship, Career Counseling

Rachel’s guidance and support has made a huge impact on the way I now feel about myself, and has helped me discover who I am and what I was always meant to do with my talent. For the first time in my life, I am really proud of myself. Feeling better about myself made me a braver person. I know now that whatever may happen, I will be okay.

S.C., career direction

Joan’s guidance and ability to help me figure things out on my own have helped me immensely. As a result of working with her: I have a new outlook on life in general– I’m happier; I’ve been able to work through several issues that have been hindering me from figuring out what I want to do career-wise.

H.R., career change

Rachel provided me with direction and motivation in my career exploration. I now feel that I have a better understanding of myself and what is important to me in my career search. I was extremely satisfied with my experience.

Breath of Fresh Air

Becky was an absolutely delight, a breath of fresh air because you can tell she truly cares. She’s a great listener and was very helpful. I would without a doubt recommend her.

– anxiety

depression recovered client

You are awesome at what you do. Thank you so much for caring and seeing me through such difficult times. I will always remember you.

– depression

Easy to Communicate with

I really appreciate how easy it was to communicate with Becky.

– anxiety

Good at what she does

Becky is really good at what she does! Keep up the good work Becky.

Job Search

Becky is wonderful and indeed boosted up my confidence level.

RD – career direction

What a big impact you have had on my life – thank you! Your kind words, positive outlook, and guidance have lifted my spirits and given me hope. Just a month ago I was lost, but now with the tools you have given me I feel that I will be able to make a career choice to fulfill the needs of my family and myself. Thank you for everything!

Marriage Counseling

We had an excellent couples counseling experience with our therapist. She taught us tools to escape poor argument cycles and how to understand our emotions. We feel we now have the tools for a healthy and functional relationship.

– marriage counseling

Anxiety and Depression/Teen Therapy

Our therapist helped my daughter and I communicate better with each other. My daughter worked with Charisse individually, felt very comfortable and opened up with her and I definitely see progress.

~Anxiety and Depression/Teen Therapy~

Relationship Counseling

Rachel guides you through understanding to options on how to take action to go through the threshold to make it to the other side and make real progress.

~Relationship Counseling~

Gained Perspective

We were extremely grateful that Jenet did not judge us with the things we shared with her. We were able to be 100% transparent with her and she never took sides with any of our issues. She helped us to see things from each other’s perspective. we have learned so much that will help us to have a successful marriage. We were extremely grateful that Jenet did not judge us with the things we shared with her. We were able to be 100% transparent with her and she never took sides with any of our issues. She helped us to see things from each other’s perspective. we have learned so much that will help us to have a successful marriage.

-couples counseling

Non-judgmental Counseling

I was very satisfied with Ms. Dove. She challenged you in kind, non-judgmental ways and I feel she helped me to make a lot of progress. I would recommend her in a heartbeat. She was personable, caring, responsive, professional- I feel very lucky to have ended up with Ms. Dove and wish her all the best moving forward. If I ever need to go back to counseling, I’ll go back to her or hope to find someone like her.

– anxiety/phobias

Welcoming Environment

My therapist was very good at making an environment in which I felt comfortable and ready to discuss difficult issues.

– young adult, depression

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