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Online therapy makes counseling services available in a comfortable setting convenient to your location and schedule.

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My Old Hoosier Home

Brushstroke illustration of an Indiana flag. Are you an IN resident and curious about teletherapy? Our online therapists provide telehealth therapy. Call today to start online therapy in Indianan.With its plethora of state parks and commitment to freedom, the land you call home has a beauty like no other. From Chain O’ Lakes state park to the shining aisles of Lake Michigan, to amber waves of grain, there’s no place quite like Indiana. 

They say home is where the heart is, and for Indiana residents, that usually takes shape in our family. Whether you reside in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, on a rural county road, or somewhere in between, Indiana is a place to take life slowly. 

Yet just because Indiana showcases a slow-paced way of life, it doesn’t mean that life is always tranquil. When issues arise with family, feelings of sadness or anxiety, or just day-to-day challenges piling up, where do you turn for help? 

Support is one click away thanks to online therapy in Indiana.  

Why Should You Try Online Therapy in Indiana?

Choosing teletherapy is both a convenient and efficient way to process therapy in a way that fits with your schedule. Some positive elements of online therapy in Indiana include:

  • Access to any online therapist in Indiana as a Hoosier resident
  • Safe, private setting in your own comfort zone
  • Convenient
  • Don’t pay to commute 
  • More flexible

Avoid the Highway – Online Therapy from Home!

Image of the Indianapolis skyline at sunset. Whether you are in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, or somewhere in between we can help with online therapy in Indiana. Get support from an online therapist in Indiana through teletherapy. Reach out now for a telehealth therapy in appointment.With online therapy in Indiana, there’s no need to plan ahead between the kids’ athletics, your work schedule, and getting across town in time to meet with your therapist. With teletherapy, your online therapist comes to you anywhere via a virtual connection.

Plan your day around you, and fit your telehealth therapy appointment into your busy schedule with ease. Plus, enjoy the comfort of your own home as you work through your therapy session together with a seasoned professional. 

Our Online Therapists in Indiana Offer

Eddins Counseling Group is here to provide care and recovery to you today. Wherever you are in Indiana, online therapists are ready and waiting to help you get started on your mental health journey.

Eddins Counseling Group offers therapy services for a range of mental health and lifestyle challenges like:

And much more! Find a comprehensive guide on our website to find a therapist online or in person

You’re not alone. Help is available for whatever life throws your way. You don’t have to walk this journey by yourself – get the support you need today with one of our professional online therapists.

Online Therapy Options

No matter what brings you to Eddins Counseling Group, we are here to help! Our online therapists are available to help with a wide range of skills and experience. Here is a sample of some of the specialized types of online therapy in Indiana that we offer:

Teens & Young Adults Virtual Therapy

Life changes exponentially during the adolescent years, and that’s no easy task to undertake. When life feels overwhelming, and you have a hard time adjusting to the expectations of yourself and your peers, don’t go it alone.

With your busy life and hectic schedule, you can find a teletherapy appointment that works for you. Your mental health matters and that’s why we’ve made it convenient for you to get the support you need – all virtually!

Online therapy is a place for you to express the pain you’re feeling while getting direction for the road ahead. If life is getting rough and you don’t know where to turn, come talk to us. 

Our Indiana online therapists and the services they offer are listed below. Find support today!

Online Therapy in Indiana for Women

Women need a place to feel seen and heard.

Whether you’re coming for family stress, career dissatisfaction, dysfunctional social support systems, or a mental health issue like anxiety or depression, Eddins Counseling Group is here to help. 

Find your support system today, and connect with a caring counselor that specializes in your desired therapy. With a range of options, you can get scheduled without compromising your or your family’s busy schedule.

Virtual Depression & Anxiety Treatment

Sometimes life feels overwhelming. When times get tough, reach out for support. You don’t have to go it alone – get started today with a counselor as you walk through your unique treatment plan.

Whether you’re looking for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness Therapy, or Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), our online therapist can help.

When it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning, telehealth therapy allows you to get the support you need even in the midst of severe depression & anxiety

Get the care that you need – find relief today with your personalized therapy plan virtually.

Effectiveness of Online Therapy

Image of a person on a laptop. Are you interested in online therapy in Indiana? Telehealth therapy in Indiana is just as beneficial as in person counseling. Our online therapists can help whether you are in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, or in the country. Reach out to start Teletherapy in Indiana.Following the chaos of COVID-19, online therapy and telehealth scheduling saw a skyrocketing increase. For those who cannot leave their homes due to illness, pandemic avoidance, or mental health disorders, teletherapy provides a way to continue the important work of counseling in a safe environment. 

But is online therapy in Indiana as effective as face-to-face counseling? According to research, telehealth therapy can be on par or more effective than traditional counseling settings. 

A big contender for online therapy is its convenience for the client. No need to budget your time or money for a long commute. Instead, log in anywhere with a virtual connection!

The important thing is to find a method of therapy that works for you. Not sure if online therapy is right for you? Check out a range of counseling options on our website at Eddins Counseling Group online!

Ready to Start Online Therapy in Indiana?

Whether you’re coming to us from Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, or somewhere else in the state, there’s an online therapist who’s ready to help. You can start your mental health journey with online therapy in Indiana today with Eddins Counseling Group. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact us to speak with an advisor at Eddins Counseling Group.
  2. Find your specialized online therapist to set up your first appointment.
  3. Start your mental health journey right from home!

Find Support Today

The road is long, but Eddins Counseling Group is here to walk with you on this journey. This is why we offer several counseling services to fit your needs. ADHD treatment, chronic illness counseling, couples therapy, and infertility counseling are some of the mental health services we offer. Along with OCD treatment, social anxiety treatment, postpartum support, and more! Chat with us today to see if online therapy in Illinois is right for you.

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