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The Strong Interest Inventory is a self-guided interest and personality assessment that can help high school and early college students identify career paths and fields of study based on their unique interests.

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The Strong Interest INventory

The iStart Strong career assessment helps high school and early college students identify potential career paths based on 80 years of research into the preferences of people employed in a variety of careers with similar interests. In early stages of career development, students' interests are more solidified than skills. Learning more about career paths and the skills required helps provide direction and focus for students preparing for a career.

High school is an excellent time to begin career planning as it helps students learn more about available options before deciding on a training program or course of study.

The career report helps students with:

  • Choosing a College major—the assessment helps students uncover their career interests and areas of study they may find fulfilling. Identifying a field of study early on sets students up for success and helps with identifying colleges, trades, and programs with the types of education available to match their career interests.
  • Career exploration—By identifying personal interests and how these relate to different occupations, the career assessment helps expand knowledge of potential career paths to first-time career seekers. New possibilities that may not have been considered can be discovered.

Note: This report is for early career students. Contact us for advanced career reports for adults, career changers, and career reintegration.

Contact us to learn more about the iStart Strong career test for students, additional career options for adults, or order online below. 

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The Career Report includes:

The Student Career Report helps students identify and explore:

  • Their top 5 interest areas and related occupations.
  • Areas of study related to highest results.
  • Links to occupational databases to further explore relevant career paths including typical tasks, skills required, and employment trends.
  • Specific occupational areas and skills and tasks involved in those careers.

How to take the career assessment

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 Complete the order form below for the iStart Strong career test and instructions on how to access and take the assessment will be emailed to you during business hours 8am-5pm Mon-Fri CST.

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$49.95 for self-guided assessment & results.

By appointment to discuss with a counselor.

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If you'd like to take an assessment and receive a personalized interpretation and guidance from a career counselor, click here to book an appointment or call 832-559-2622.

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This career planning assessment helps high school and early college students identify good-fit career fields and areas of study.
Price: $49.95
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