The self-tests and quizzes are tools to help you with mental, emotional, career and relationship wellness. Some of the assessments are screening tools designed to help you understand and recognize specific mental health concerns. Others can help you identify patterns,  behaviors or beliefs that may contribute to wellness in your relationship with yourself or others.

**Please note that these are screening tools, so they are not intended to provide you with a diagnosis. However, they are backed by research and can indicate whether additional exploration is warranted. It is recommended that you share your results with a counselor who can provide you with a full assessment and discuss options with you on how to feel better.


adult adhd quiz test

Adult ADHD Quiz 

Wondering if you have Adult ADHD? Take this ADHD quiz and find out if your symptoms suggest possible ADHD. Adult ADHD is commonly misunderstood and this can be the first step in exploring effective treatment options.



Anxiety TestAnxiety Test

Do you have symptoms of anxiety? Anxiety is the most common mental health concern. Take this self test and find out if anxiety could be impacting your life.




Depression TestDepression Test

Do you wonder if you might be depressed? Take this depression test and find out.




what drives your overeating

What Drives Your Overeating?

Is your eating out of control? Take this quiz and find out what drives your overeating.




binge eating quizBinge Eating Quiz

Are you binge eating? Could you have binge eating disorder? This quiz assesses binge eating behaviors and severity, which can indicate an eating disorder.




intuitive eating quizIntuitive Eating Quiz

Are you an intuitive eater? Find out which areas you may need to work on to become an intuitive eater.




relationship attachment style quiz

Relationship Attachment Style Quiz

Your attachment style influences how you react to your needs and how you go about getting them met. It impacts which partner you select and how your relationship progresses. This brief attachment style quiz will help you understand your own attachment pattern and what implications it might have for your relationships.





Have you experienced a traumatic life event, loss, or relationship? Take this PTSD test and find out if you have PTSD symptoms.




self-compassion quiz eddins counseling houston

Self-Compassion Quiz 

For most of us, finding compassion for others is such an easy thing. Finding that same compassion for ourselves, however, doesn’t always come naturally. Take our quiz to find out how unforgiving of yourself you actually are.




Emotion Regulation Quizemotion regulation quiz

Do your emotions feel out of control or overwhelming? Or do you find it hard to identify your emotional experience? The emotion regulation quiz can help you identify which dimension of emotion regulation to focus on in order to achieve greater satisfaction and peace.



insomnia quizInsomnia Quiz 

Do you feel tired, but wired? Are you having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep? Take this brief quiz to identify whether you have insomnia.




postpartum depression quiz

Postpartum Depression Quiz

Postpartum depression can affect 30% of new mothers. Take this quiz if you’re having symptoms of sadness, sleep difficulties, anxiety, anger, excessive fears, frightening thoughts, compulsiveness, or feeling detached from your baby.




obsessive compulsive disorder quiz

OCD Test

Are you struggling with obsessions or compulsions? Take this OCD test and find out if you have OCD symptoms and how severe.




social anxiety quiz

Social Anxiety Test

Do you fear social or performance situations and get anxious just thinking about them? Do you avoid situations due to your anxiety, fear of judgment, or fear of embarrassment? Take our social anxiety test and find out if it social anxiety is limiting your potential.




body image quiz

Body Appreciation Quiz 

Positive body image is associated with greater overall well-being, self-compassion, optimism, and intuitive eating. Take this body appreciation quiz and find out where you stand.




mental and physical health risk assessment (ACE) quiz adverse childhood experiences

Mental and Physical Health Risk Assessment (ACE Quiz)

Assess your potential risk for mental health issues, risky behavior practices, and physical health issues with the ACE quiz. This quiz can help determine if trauma focused therapy would benefit you.



Career Assessments

Myers-briggs test

Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory 

The MBTI personality test provides a comprehensive description of your personality type that includes how you interact with others, identifies your strengths, and points out important areas for growth. There is a fee to complete this test online and you will  receive a personalized profile report.




interest career test for studentsStrong Interest Inventory Career Test

This assessment helps students uncover their career interests and identify good fit occupations and major fields of study. There is a fee to complete the assessment, results will be in the form of a detailed report.




career change coach houston

7 Steps to Making a Career Change

Ready to make a change in your career? This report will guide you through 7 steps to making a career change. Includes self assessment questions.