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The self-tests and quizzes are online mental health screening tools to help you assess your mental, emotional, career and relationship wellness.  It is recommended that you share your results with a counselor who can provide you with a full assessment and discuss options with you on how to feel better.

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adult adhd screening test

Adult ADHD Test

Wondering if you have ADHD? Take this ADHD quiz and find out if your symptoms suggest possible ADHD.

anxiety test online thumbnail image with man

Anxiety Quiz

Do I have anxiety? Anxiety is the most common mental health concern. Take this self test and find out if anxiety could be impacting your life.

binge eating test online icon image with woman

Binge Eating Disorder Test

Are you binge eating? Could you have binge eating disorder? This quiz assesses binge eating behaviors and severity.

body appreciation online test

Body Appreciation Test

Positive body image is associated with greater overall well-being, self-compassion, optimism, and intuitive eating. Take this body appreciation quiz and find out where you stand.

career burnout test woman overwhelmed

Career Burnout Test

Burned out at work? Burnout is a mental health condition. Learn more about your symptoms.

online depression test

Depression Test

Do you wonder if you might be depressed? Take this depression test and find out.

eating disorder test featured image

Eating Disorder Test

Struggling with food, body image, or unhealthy behaviors? The eating disorder test screens for eating disorder symptoms.

emotional regulation test with emotions faces on blocks

Emotional Regulation Quiz

Do your emotions feel out of control or overwhelming? This quiz can help you identify which emotion regulation skills can help you regain peace.

insomnia test online man sleeping

Insomnia Test

Do you feel tired, but wired? Are you having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep? Take this brief quiz to identify whether you have insomnia.

intuitive eating quiz online

Intuitive Eating Quiz

Are you an intuitive eater? Find out which areas you may need to work on to become an intuitive eater.

OCD test online icon with broken record

OCD Test

Are you struggling with obsessions or compulsions? Take this OCD test and find out if you have OCD symptoms and how severe.

postpartum anxiety online test

Postpartum Anxiety Quiz

If worry is disrupting your daily functioning, including your ability to sleep, it may be postpartum anxiety.

postpartum depression test online

Postpartum Depression Quiz

Take this postpartum depression quiz if you’re having symptoms of sadness, sleep difficulties, anxiety, anger, excessive fears, frightening thoughts, compulsiveness, or feeling detached from your baby.

ptsd test for trauma


Have you experienced a traumatic life event, loss, or relationship? Take this PTSD test and find out if you have PTSD symptoms.

relationship attachment test

Relationship Attachment Style Quiz

Your attachment style influences which partner you select, how you react to your needs and how your relationship progresses. This attachment style quiz will help you understand your attachment pattern in relationships.

self compassion test online

Self Compassion Quiz

For most of us, finding compassion for others is easy. Finding that same compassion for ourselves, however, doesn’t always come naturally. Take our quiz to find out accepting of yourself you actually are.

social anxiety disorder test woman with fear of public places

Social Anxiety Test

Do you fear or avoid social or performance situations and get anxious just thinking about them? Take our social anxiety test and find out if it social anxiety is limiting your potential.

why do i overeat quiz image with chips

What Drives Your Overeating

Are you wondering, “why do I overeat?” Would you like to learn how to stop emotional eating? Our quiz can help you identify what drives your overeating so you can change.

therapist couch in a dbt skills group

Do You Need Therapy?

Mental health screening tools include online quizzes and self-tests. These tools can help you determine your emotional, mental, relationship, and career wellness, as well as your needs in these areas. After completing a mental health screening quiz or self-test, you can share your results with a counselor to receive a full assessment and discuss options to improve your health.

One reason for taking mental health screening quizzes and self-tests is to help you determine whether the emotional and mental challenges you're facing are manageable or not. If your feelings are overwhelming or preventing you from living your everyday life, you may want to consider therapy. Here are several types of psychotherapy or talk therapy approaches available to help with mental health:

Therapy can be completed as a family, in small groups, or one-on-one, depending on your unique needs.

Why Complete a Mental Health Screening Quiz or Self-Test?


An online mental health screening quiz or self-test is a quick, convenient way to assess your emotional and mental health to determine whether you'd benefit from additional services.

If you think you may benefit from therapy, taking a mental health screening test is an excellent way to help you focus your efforts and seek professional support when needed.

A mental health professional can discuss your results with you to help determine if your concerns are symptoms of a mental health condition. They can also recommend treatment options if they are needed.

mental health quiz

Available Self-Help Quizzes

Eddins Counseling Group offers several online self-help quizzes to help determine if additional professional services are needed. You can take a quiz in any of the following areas of emotional and mental health:

  • Adult ADHD: If you experience impulsivity, poor time management skills, problems focusing on a task, or low tolerance for frustration, this quiz will help determine if these symptoms result from adult ADHD.
  • Anxiety: Feeling restless, wound up, or on edge can be signs of an anxiety disorder, and this online self-help quiz can reveal how anxiety is impacting your life.
  • Binge eating: This self-help quiz can help you discover if your eating habits, such as eating until uncomfortably full, are signs of a binge-eating disorder.
  • Body appreciation: A positive body image can positively affect many aspects of your life, and this body appreciation quiz can reveal your level of body positivity.
  • Depression: Persistent sadness, loss of interest in hobbies, and excessive fatigue may indicate depression, and this quiz can help you identify your feelings.
  • Career burnout: Burnout is a mental health condition that can be uncovered using this self-help quiz.
  • Insomnia: Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep can indicate insomnia, which this self-help quiz can help you identify.
  • Emotional regulation: This quiz can help you discover emotional regulation tools to help you get your emotions back under control.
  • Eating disorder test: Body image issues, struggles with food, and unhealthy behaviors with food can be symptoms of an eating disorder, and this quiz can help you discover the severity of your food issues.
  • Postpartum anxiety: After pregnancy, excessive worrying may occupy your day and keep you from sleeping, and this quiz can help determine whether you have postpartum anxiety.
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD): Symptoms can include a fear of contamination or dirt, a need for things to be symmetrical and orderly, and an inability to deal with uncertainty, which this quiz can help identify as OCD.
  • Intuitive eating: If you struggle with certain foods, this self-help quiz on intuitive eating can help identify areas you need to work on to become a more intuitive eater.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): Trauma can happen in many ways in your life, and this self-help quiz can help determine if your trauma is causing you to suffer from PTSD.
  • Relationship attachment style: Your relationship attachment style determines who you choose for partners and how you react to needs within your relationship, and this quiz helps you understand your attachment style better.
  • Postpartum depression: If you're experiencing sleep issues, frightening thoughts, anxiety, sadness, or anxiety after your pregnancy, this self-help quiz can help you determine whether you have postpartum depression.
  • Social anxiety: Anxiety or avoidance of social interactions and situations can indicate social anxiety, and this quiz investigates how that anxiety may inhibit your potential.
  • Overeating: This quiz helps determine if you overeat due to stress, emotions, boredom, and more.
  • Self-compassion: If you want to know how much compassion you have for yourself, this self-help quiz can help you discover your level in this area.

These self-help quizzes are tools designed to help you discover your emotional, mental, relationship, and career wellness levels. Once you’ve completed one or more, consider booking an appointment with a counselor to discuss your results and possible treatment plans.

Are Mental Health Screening Quizzes and Self-Tests Accurate?

Online mental health screening tests are not definitive tools, but they can be good indicators of whether you'd benefit from therapy. You need to answer the questions as honestly as possible to receive an accurate assessment of your mental health needs. These tools are designed to give a snapshot of your mental health and guide you in the next steps toward improving your emotional and mental wellness.

Help is available

If you think therapy may help with your emotional and mental well-being, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with a counselor at Eddins Counseling Group. We offer in-person appointments at three locations in Texas: 5225 Katy Freeway, Suite 103, and 802 W Albama St, Houston, and 12930 Dairy Ashford Road, Suite 103, Sugar Land. Eddins also offers online counseling for your convenience in Alabama, California, Florida, Indiana, New Jersey, Texas, and Washington.

You can schedule a free 15-minute consultation call via our online form or book online for an appointment at one of our three physical locations. We welcome phone calls at 832-559-2622 and text messages at 832-699-5001.

We’ll work hard to match you with the best therapist for your situation, whether it be for adult, child, couples, or family counseling.

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